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May 28, 15

"Gamindex focuses on bringing games to education through game reviews written for teachers. Each review features a summary, benefits to the game, challenges for implementation, and ideas for class use. You can also search for that perfect game based on your content area, gaming platform, and other information."

Jul 13, 14

RT @classbadges: New Reading Badges - #edtech #gamification #badges #mastery

Mar 07, 13

Credly is the universal way to recognize, store, and share life's achievements.

Jul 11, 13

"Students’ passions can be a powerful driver for deeper and more creative learning. With this knowledge, some educators are using popular commercial games like World of Warcraft (WoW) to create curriculum around the game. And they say they’re seeing success, especially with learners who have had trouble in traditional classrooms."

Jan 30, 13

"Games are changing who we are — and what we’re capable of. Are you ready to play? Order your copy of Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World now."

Oct 07, 12

"BadgeStack is an innovative system with a game-like approach that assesses skills, recognizes learner achievement, sparks community, and excites learners of all ages."
BadgeStack: A Badge-Empowered Learning System - Produced by LearningTimes - via Shareaholic

Oct 03, 12

"Game-based Learning (GBL) or gamification is one of the hottest topics in education because of the potential for learning that play has for students. The basic idea is that traditional classroom experiences can be enhanced or even replaced by learning that is fun, engaging, and more effective. This all happens when learners play games, particularly educational video games that help them learn content while being deeply invested in the process. Learning becomes something students want to do, rather than something they have to do."

Sep 05, 12

"GameDesk, an organization that’s developing a variety of game-based learning initiatives, is venturing into new terrain with the opening of a new school and the development of new digital tools, with millions of dollars in funding from both the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and AT&T."

Sep 03, 12

"I usually write some quick guides and snapshots of tools and trends but this one’s going to take more than just 60 seconds. Let’s say 100 seconds to be safe. That’s because it’s all about the massively popular (somewhat) new trend of gamification in education."

Aug 08, 12

"Adaptive learning and education technology company Knewton published an infographic titled The Gamification of Education, drawing on sources from MIT’s Education Arcade."

Jul 07, 12

You tie your shoes, put on your headphones, take your first steps outside. You’ve barely covered 100 yards when you hear them. They must be close. You can hear every guttural breath, every rattling groan - they’re everywhere. Zombies. There’s only one thing you can do: Run!

Jun 18, 12

The gamification movement is in full-effect with its fair share of proponents and opponents. Those in favor of the idea most often cite student motivation and the ability of games to simulate real world circumstances so that learners can safely explore these environments without endangering themselves or others.

Apr 28, 12

Ready for a challenge? How much do you know about gamification? Find out by answering the questions below, which are based on Karl Kapp’s new book, The Gamification of Learning and Instruction.

Apr 10, 12

A great game player has all the good characters that schools desire to see from their students. What elements of gaming can we harness for educational purposes? This is an excellent infographic putting together key information about gamifying learning. You will find a short history of gamified learning. The summary from MIT's paper "Moving Learning Games Forward" highlights all the gaming functions that can be integrated into education(with examples). The full whitepaper can be download here.

Feb 11, 12

Teaching and Language Learning through Gamification

Jan 18, 12

Edudemic is all about finding innovative ways to get through to students. That’s why we’ve talked about game dynamics more than a few times. Inspiring students to learn through the gamification of a large lecture hall has not yet been broached by us Edudemic-ers.

Sep 08, 11

Make it simple to do positive behavior management by providing instant recognition in class
ClassDojo enables you to easily award and record points, achievements and rewards for behavior and performance in class in real-time, with just one click of your smartphone or laptop. Social and emotional learning finally gets brought to life!

Aug 18, 11

Gamification is the use of game-like thinking and elements in places that aren't traditionally games. The use of game mechanics and dynamics like badges, leaderboards, and actions can be useful for improving motivation and learning in informal and formal settings.

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