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Jun 02, 11

YouTube is giving users a choice over how they want to license their content. There’s still the standard YouTube license, which is fairly restrictive, and now there’s a new option: Creative Commons (with attribution). In short, you can now give other people permission to use your footage however they’d like, provided to include a link back to the source.

Jun 02, 11

I try and use as many self created images on DigMo! as I possibly can. Recently I took a series of photos of education related keywords with the view of using them as the background watermark for the key post image.

Rather than keep these images to myself I have decided to share them with other teachers to use on their blogs, as Keynote/PowerPoint backgrounds or on classroom handouts.

The full size .jpg images are 1000 pixels by 667 so can be cropped and resized to suit any website or blog. The images are free for non-commericial, see the creative commons license on flickr for what you can and can’t do with the images.

Nov 09, 10

A Livebinders for Creative Commons resources

Sep 16, 10

yolink, “a next-generation search technology,” has added CC license support to its updated browser plugin. yolink’s browser plugin allows you to quickly scan your search results by specific key terms, effectively simplifying your more complex or advanced searches.

Jan 30, 09

Flickr currently hosts more than 75 million images that are licensed under a Creative Commons license. Depending on the license, you may use the images on your private or commercial webpage, or make changes to it.

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