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07 Apr 13

"Though Adobe’s Creative Suite is still the top choice in creative software by professionals, for individuals and smaller businesses Creative Suite may not be affordable, especially if they only need one or two tools included in the set."

12 Oct 12

"Unless you spend a lot of time on Reddit, the discussion-forum community that more or less took over after Digg sank beneath the waves, you may have missed the latest storm of controversy over content posted on the site’s various “sub-Reddits” or topic pages. "

11 Oct 12

"RockMelt, a startup co-founded by [Tim Howes] & [Eric Vishria] burst on the browser scene two years ago with a social browser. Today the company is launching a brand new iPad app that marries browser and a reader. It is part of company’s growing focus on mobile."

02 Oct 12

"A new proposal calls for a Consumer Reports-like rating body to evaluate new digital learning tools. Ed tech innovators like the idea in theory but they worry that it won’t work in practice."

01 Oct 12

"I spent a week testing Amazon’s new e-reader, the Kindle Paperwhite, which starts at $119. Our verdict: The front-lit screen improves the reading experience all day long, not just at night, making this a big step up from the Touch. Here are our review and video."

15 Aug 12

"Pinterest added iPad and Android apps to its lineup Tuesday, bringing the popular platform to more users and expanding existing channels for accessing the service. The company is also rolling out a new version of its iPhone app, and explained the changes in a blog post on its site."

12 Aug 12

"An incident in which an e-book lending site was shut down by a horde of angry authors with takedown notices — most of whom misunderstood the site’s purpose — is another example of how the publishing industry is fighting the same battles as the music industry."

11 Aug 12

"This week marks the 21st anniversary of the world’s first website, and as new social-web platforms like Twitter and Facebook spend more and more of their energy trying to control and monetize their networks, it’s worth remembering some of the choices that the web’s creator made."

04 Aug 12

"It's been evident for several years now that Twitter is a monetising, highly effective business commodity. Be it sponsored tweets, increased SEO click rates from well-distributed retweets and appearance in the right lists, having a social network presence is always, statistics show, a key priority in any publicity strategy."

19 Jul 12

It looks like social learning platform Edmodo is on an upward swing. In the past year the education startup has not only more than doubled its user base from 3 million to 8 million and expanded to 85 of the country’s top 100 school districts, it has now raised a significant amount of funding from top-tier Silicon Valley venture firms Greylock Partners and Benchmark Capital

01 Jul 12

Twitter sent some shock waves through the technology community with a blog post on Friday that talked about its plans for the future, and suggested that those plans don’t necessarily involve third-party services and apps.

29 Jun 12

Despite the “Google+ is a ghost town” mantra, a number of high-profile or widely connected people are active users who promote what they like. They also yelp when they’re unhappy and when Google+ Events went live during the week’s Google I/O, flooding feeds and stuffing calendars, that’s what some of them did — drawing attention to a launch for all the wrong reasons.

28 Jun 12

And this week it seems it is Google’s turn. So far, it has announced massive upgrades to its search platform, the newest version of Android (Jellybean), the Google Glass, the Nexus 7 tablet and a new multimedia device, Nexus Q. It is also likely to introduce a new cloud offering at its Google I/O event, as I reported earlier.

24 Jun 12

Are all the modern devices and digital conveniences we have at our disposal — from the web and social media to smartphones and tablets — making us more distracted and less able to concentrate? And is this harming our ability to think and be creative, and therefore by extension harming society as a whole?

09 Jun 12

Anyone who has used Microsoft Excel since 1993 has likely dabbled at least once with VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications, scripting: That’s the year Excel 5.0 arrived with VBA support. The feature allows users to create automated tasks and functions in the spreadsheet application, extending the software’s potential.

30 May 12

We often joke Google is like the old Microsoft — getting things wrong, bumbling its way into new markets, and getting things right on the third try. This seems to be quite true of Google’s efforts to develop a cloud PC. Google and its partner, Samsung, are launching a new Chromebook and Chromebox today, targeting them at the educational and corporate customers.

22 May 12

Plenty of startups give you new and different ways to read content on the Web, but NY-based SpokenLayer wants to give you a way to hear it.

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