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Mar 13, 14

"Using EverySlide improves your presentation.
Engaged audience finds your slides more interesting, while their feedback makes you a better presenter."

Oct 02, 13

"Did you know you can broadcast your slides over the web, or use your mouse as a laser pointer? Here are 24 handy tips for using PowerPoint.
Love it or hate it, PowerPoint is a business tool found everywhere. It’s perfectly possible to dive in and get professional-looking results with no formal training, but this means its more advanced features can be easily overlooked. "

Aug 27, 13

"Share your powerpoint presentations, eLearning content, business presentations and tutorials as engaging talking videos, by using high-quality and multilingual text-to-speech technology, with no need for expensive and time-consuming voice recordings.
How? Just import your presentation and type a comment for each slide. You immediately get a high-quality talking video, ready to be shared."

Jul 21, 13

"Download free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds with original slide designs for your presentations. Make awesome PowerPoint presentations with free illustrations or combine nice diagrams for PowerPoint with business characters and avatars to impress your audience. You can download free PowerPoint templates and themes compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2007 and the new PowerPoint 2013 but also available to be used on Keynote presentations or Office for Mac."

Mar 04, 13

"We hope you enjoy using the pre-release version of Instant Timeline, a web based tool that lets you create timelines online."

Oct 18, 12

"Sometimes we come across some very eye catching slideshows and we wish we could create ones like them. Well in fact everybody can create an appealing slideshow provided they have got the necessary tools to do that. I am not talking here about the content you put into your slides but rather the design of the slides. A good template can make all the difference here."

Sep 30, 12

"If you need to create an Infographic, there are better programs than PowerPoint that you could use. Photoshop would be a good choice, or maybe Fireworks. That being said, PowerPoint is likely on your office computer right now. Additionally, PowerPoint is often underutilized as a design platform and is surprisingly agile."

Aug 22, 12

"An infographic is a popular tool marketers use to capture their target audience's attention. They're also useful for lead generation efforts -- you can get website visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for downloading the infographic. The only question is: how do you actually make one?"

May 03, 12

Web-based presentation service Prezi, which lets you create fluid shows that zoom in, zoom out and pan around information using either predetermined paths or ones you create on the fly, has as little in common with PowerPoint as it possibly can and still be in the same category. But it’s announcing a new feature today which is so logical that I was startled when I realized it didn’t already exist: the ability to import files from Microsoft‘s presentation package.

Apr 26, 12

Over 220 PowerPoints!  These presentations range in size from a dozen or so slides each to over 145 slides.  Several PPTs contain large sound/music files.  Therefore, they may take a while to load.  Be patient! To teachers--save them, modify them, use them in your classrooms as you wish, BUT please do NOT run the PPTs from this site.  Download them and save them on your own hard drive.

Apr 19, 12

A visualization system, scientifically designed with your info in mind. Find the perfect diagram and download the PowerPoint-ready file for just $0.99.

Mar 15, 12

I’ve been saying for years now that while facts and figures are important an often integral to your presentation, it’s your story that will have your audience uncrossing their arms, leaning forward, listening and remembering.

Jan 26, 12

This QR Code Addin for PowerPoint helps you to embed QR Code in your PowerPoint slides. You can use this QR Code Addin to generate a QR Code for your contact slide or to be used in many other creative ways.

Dec 21, 11

Little-known PowerPoint feature helps presenters deliver smoother speeches while improving eye contact.

Dec 21, 11

Digital presentations in education
“Everything for and about presentations - tools, software, multimedia, interactive whiteboard, apps”

Nov 13, 11

Welcome to Free Clip Art by Phillip Martin!.. Remember, it really is FREE art for your classroom, newsletters,

or wherever you can find a non-profit use.

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