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  • many of the corporate labs pursuing synthetic biology have little cause to draw excess attention to themselves
  • the public is not necessarily the wisest arbiter of scientific advancement
  • If we were to ban GMO crops tomorrow, half the population of the world would starve in short order.

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  • The L1, the interlanguage, and the other mental processes are all internal to  the L2 learner; the L2 is, however, known by someone else, a native speaker of  that language. Hence the figure is obscuring a major difference in its  components.
  • the term  multi-competence was originally coined to reflect this totality in one mind,  originally expressed as ‘the compound state of a mind with two  grammars’
  • 'Relative to  native speaker's linguistic competence, learners' interlanguage is deficient by  definition'

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  • modern technologies such as television and the Internet are actually reducing people’s attention span
  • rewired the human brain
  • the content we are teaching people is inherently uninteresting

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  • second language writers have become an integral part of writing courses and programs
  • Many second language writers are highly literate in their first languages, while others have never learned to write in their mother tongues.
  • difficulty adapting to or adopting North American discursive strategies because the nature and functions of discourse, audience, and rhetorical appeals often differ across cultural, national, linguistic, and educational contexts

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  • choice a core concept of his theory
  • between meanings rather structures
  • out of the “syntactic age”

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Jun 15, 15


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  • Another reflection on cognitive processes regarding writing processes  is the one proposed by Cobb and Bowers (1999). According to these authors,  cognitive perception is closely related to conceptual processes and operations  regarding sensor-motor activity. In this sense, situated learning represents a  learning strategy that makes knowledge generation easier, based on interactive  systems the individuals are related to. These cognitive processes include a set  of analysis units that have to be related to certain previously stated  purposes.
  • Academic writing prompts at  the college level help to increase the conceptual planning and the quality of compositions  when they generate the ability to solve communicative problems that involve  writing as a form of communication or response.
  • Based on this real communicative context, students are supposed to  plan and write their texts.
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