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in outliners: Pedagogy

in outliners: Pedagogy

in outliners: Pedagogy

in outliners: Pedagogy

Oct 09, 15

Simple yet effective way of blurring faces for those under13 or even students not having permission to appear on the web.

Mar 19, 15

Anyone want to watch 124 tutorials on how to use Book Creator? #youtube #bookcreator #tutorials

Feb 27, 15

"...a great resource that compiles important tips, best practices, and strategies to help you build your audience on YouTube."

The Playbook will walk you through the "getting started" process, programming of a cohesive channel, optimizing the audience reached, develop a community shaped around your YouTube channel and other additional resources.

in outliners: Integration

Jan 30, 15

Well presented slide show on YouTube's video editor tool. Resources provided project ideas too.

in outliners: Integration

Dec 10, 14

This will come handy when using YouTube, G+ and Google Hangouts

in outliners: GAFE

Dec 08, 14

One of my roles is to serve as the Network Coordinator and help facilitate the Internet filtering. Well, educators are awesome at finding value in tools that others may see as "entertainment". In this case, YouTube does provide a wealth of education resources and this list just touches on a few. Thanks to EdTechReview for compiling this list.
Those of you reading my share please add any additional channels that are beneficial to educators in their comments feed.

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