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May 27, 15

This is a Google spreadsheet started by Alice Keeler to crowd source educational technology tools.

in outliners: Integration

May 01, 15

Open source tool enabling folks to create timelines allowing for interaction in over 40 languages.

Apr 13, 15

The site claims: Transform your classroom into an immersive game, played with your students throughout the semester or school year.

in outliners: Strategies

May 20, 14

Kristin Hokanson is a great resource for Copyright, Fair Use, CC as well as the topics provided here on the wiki.

Mar 20, 14

Upload and use documents or videos for online collaboration.

Jan 25, 13

Excellent source of projects integrating technology while addressing Common Core.
I'm considering developing a course with @udemy on Mapping Media to the Curriculum with iPads

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