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Dec 14, 15

Althernative to Kahoot that does not need to have questions projected onto a screen. The screen of each participating device shows the questions.

in outliners: Integration

May 27, 15

This is a Google spreadsheet started by Alice Keeler to crowd source educational technology tools.

in outliners: Integration

May 01, 15

Open source tool enabling folks to create timelines allowing for interaction in over 40 languages.

Apr 13, 15

The site claims: Transform your classroom into an immersive game, played with your students throughout the semester or school year.

in outliners: Strategies

May 20, 14

Kristin Hokanson is a great resource for Copyright, Fair Use, CC as well as the topics provided here on the wiki.

Mar 20, 14

Upload and use documents or videos for online collaboration.

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