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May 27, 15

This is a Google spreadsheet started by Alice Keeler to crowd source educational technology tools.

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May 14, 15

Great website for discovering tools to engage students. Tools are broken down in categories and evaluated.

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May 01, 15

Open source tool enabling folks to create timelines allowing for interaction in over 40 languages.

Feb 24, 15

Online and downloadable option for recording, editing and publishing audio files.

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Feb 04, 15

Coolcatteacher Vicki Davis has compiled her Top 15 Google Drive add-ons and provided short details of each one as well as some screencast overviews.

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Jan 26, 15

I learned of Twine from Richard Byrne's Free Technology 4 Teachers blog post. It is great to see an opensource option that one can download and run locally or remain on the web to write.

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Oct 19, 12

Very interesting and resource rich visual search engine. It will even filter searches. 

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