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Oct 19, 12

Very interesting and resource rich visual search engine. It will even filter searches. 

Sep 29, 14

7 essential elements of a perfect blog post:

Headline: the 6 words that count most
Storytelling hook
Fewer characters per line at first
Featured image
Subheads for scanning
Content and the 1,500-word sweet spot
Soundbites for sharing"

Jun 05, 14

Collections Online has information on over 500,000 artworks, objects and specimens from Te Papa’s collections, from dinosaur teeth to contemporary art, as well as information on people, places, topics, species, and research from our curators.

Jun 04, 14

Although this survey was conducted in 2009, one can see the movement of integrating social media within the classroom was already gaining momentum.

Apr 24, 14

Very nice site for students to use in evaluating a website.

in outliners: webdesign

Jan 30, 14

Fake or Real? Great website to use with students in evaluating website authenticity.

Nov 21, 13

RT @lthumann: Google Launched #googlescholar Library #googlect #appsct #GAFE

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