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Jan 07, 16

free tool that allows you to create QR codes that when scanned will play a short audio message. To create your message and QR code you can record a voice message by clicking the microphone icon on QR Voice or you can type in your message. Either way you're limited to 100 characters. QR Voice is offered in 38 languages.

Mar 03, 13

You can subscribe to this site and receive analytics and QR code editing when using the URL shortner. 

Mar 05, 12

Each element of the Periodic Table is a QR code and connects to video upon scanning. 

Mar 08, 11

St. Patrick's Day lesson using QR Codes for research and sharing of information.

Dec 22, 10

Create your own QR Code (similar to bar code) to have a URL, text, phone number, or SMS message read.

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