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Mar 26, 15

A4: Check out this great post by @ClassTechTips on Mobile Apps to support teaching #poetry. #ntchat Good stuff!

Follow and network people! Fe sharpens Fe!! #ntchat

Anyone on #ntchat who wants to know more about good science teaching, come visit #ngsschat 1st/3rd Thurs at 9pm EST. Excellent sci Ts there
Mar 19, 15

How & Why Educators Use Twitter: Journal of Research on Technology in Education #ntchat

Mar 10, 15

Good chats to follow: #ptchat (parent-teacher), #ntchat (new teacher) #edtechchat (edtech) See #aussieed #sxswedu

A5: make sure they explain their answer (right or wrong). Right answer with no clue how to get it doesn't help future understanding #ntchat

RT @Mr_U79 A2 Allow collaboration to happen #ntchat

A2: It's also important to show genuine enthusiasm. Math gets a bad reputation, but it's really just misunderstood by many #ntchat
Feb 26, 15

Love this list. RT @edrethink: My latest post:
40 Books to Read Before You Start Teaching #ntchat

Feb 19, 15

@dmantz7 I am hosting a global blogging challenge in March if anyone at #ntchat is interestd.

:A1: Literacy: to read, write, speak, and listen well enough to make sense of the world around you, and to make yourself known #ntchat

A1: For me literacy combines a lot of skills: comprehension, fluency, cognition, speed, accuracy...and the ability to apply it! #ntchat
Jan 15, 15

MT @KleinErin: My Latest BAM! Radio Show Is On Classroom Management #ntchat Erin is awesome.

Jan 15, 15

If you are willing to add some help on this document for new SM users I would love it: Thanks! #edchat #ntchat

Jan 15, 15

“@WeAreTeachers: 7 Habits of Amazing Student Teachers #ntchat #edchat” for all my student teacher friends!

@teachingwthsoul Hundreds of teaching paths lead to the same goal - inspiring children to embark on their own journey #ntchat

@TeachTrainLove @dmantz7 Yes important quote - then remembering to unpack + investigate further...what can we learn from this. #ntchat

A1: You could have students write thank you letters or cards to people that they are thankful for. #ntchat

I think one of the best ways to have students show gratitude is to model it. By thanking the for effort, they will return the favor #ntchat
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