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Mar 09, 16

Add-on for PPT to create interactive screencast videos.

Feb 23, 16

Create interactive assignments that incorporates videos and various types of questions like matching, short answer, etc. Wizer worksheets can be sent directly to Google Classroom.

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Dec 14, 15

Althernative to Kahoot that does not need to have questions projected onto a screen. The screen of each participating device shows the questions.

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Sep 23, 15

ProConnect offers ready-to-use interactive applications you can use to get to work straight away.

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Jan 26, 15

I learned of Twine from Richard Byrne's Free Technology 4 Teachers blog post. It is great to see an opensource option that one can download and run locally or remain on the web to write.

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Jan 13, 15

Great start by Amy Mayer @friEdTechnology on compiling recommendations of science resources for use with Chromebooks.

Dec 08, 14

Courtesy of Richard Byrne (FreeTech4Teachers) this is an interactive site for creating/recording music online.

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Nov 25, 14

"This tutorial will provide you with an understanding of information literacy in six simple steps. Each step includes activities that will help you develop your information literacy skills."

Oct 28, 14

This interactive lifetime on Earth website asks for your birthdate, gender, height and measurement of preference then generates how the world has changed over your lifetime.

Jun 02, 14

Here is a description of Contextu via Richard Byrne's Free Technology For Teachers posting:
Ken Halla, the blogger behind the US History Teachers Blog, has been working on an excellent new site for students of US History. The new site is called ContextU and its purpose is to help students see the greater context for significant events in history. The first iteration of ContextU is focused on the American Civil War.

On ContextU students select from a table of contents an event, piece of legislation, or theme to see it in the context of other events, pieces of legislation, and themes leading to the start of the Civil War. Through timelines, Google Maps, diagrams, flow charts, timelines, and text ContextU provides context for each chosen event, piece of legislation, or theme. Students can jump from event to event or from theme to theme by following the hyperlinks within each diagram.

May 26, 14

This animated infographic from Sophia on the topic of a "Flipped Classroom" provides statistics comparing 2012 and 2014.

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