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Jan 21, 15

This infographic touches on points that future teachers should consider when looking into education as a profession. What also makes the infographic interesting is that the data comes from the UK.

in outliners: Visual Learning

Aug 07, 14

This tutorial from Melissa Murphy via walks readers through the process of converting Google Form responses into visualizations. I envision using this tutorial as being a great connection for my preservice students learning to ask effective questions and then using the collected data for an Infographic.

Jul 25, 14

This is another infographic tool option that provides a wealth of design options. Once an account has been created, it will walk you through a 5 step process that demonstrates how Canva operates.

    • We discussed the following:

      • Which of these was the best infographic and why?
      • How does the writer try to engage an audience, even an audience who may not initially care about the topic?
      • Is the text or the visual design most important in each of these? How does the use of color and white space affect your ability to focus on the main message of the infographic? How is font size used to emphasize certain facts?
      • Does the infographic make a claim or develop an argument? If so, how can you tell?
Jun 04, 14

I find this post quite fascinating as it addresses how the brain functions through the use of visuals in the form of infographics. The post provides infographics along with visuals that illustrate how the brain interprets them. The article wraps up pointing out "5 quick takeaways for better visuals at a glance".

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