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Mar 02, 15

Have students provide work via Google form and use an add-on to create mail merge response back to them. Each day submitted can be added to a different sheet.

in outliners: GAFE

May 29, 14

If you are not using Kaizena (formerly Voice Comments) to provide feedback to your students via GAFE. My students truly appreciate the audio along with the highlights pointing out the improvements.

As a side note, be careful highlighting different locations as you record. When you go to highlight additional areas the audio recording will start over again.

Apr 03, 14

"Engage Audiences
Keeps audiences involved by asking open-ended questions and running ad hoc polls. Present the same slides you were going to use anyways!
Get Feedback
Receive honest, anonymous feedback from people you really care about. Ask audiences to enter their email address via the mobile device they participated with.
Present Anywhere
Do presentations anywhere -- there's no need for a large screen! Leave a copy of your slides on participants' devices, including your contact information."

Mar 21, 13

Create a variety of web based questions including open ended and get student feedback and communication going.

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