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Apr 07, 15

Several resources that explain and assist with the implementation of makerspaces.

in outliners: Strategies

Feb 27, 15

This post does a nice job of explaining what an "Exit card" would be if integrated into the classroom as a form of assessment.

in outliners: Strategies

  • draw a picture of a log and a rabbit on the board, and place the rabbit at different positions in relation to the log. This would draw out the use of prepositions. For example, "The rabbit is on the log." It sounded like a sensible approach.
  • synthesis, the ability to cut to the essence of an idea or concept and communicate in an effective, succinct, compelling manner.
  • For teachers, the key is how to get the learning to spill out of the classroom and continue the conversation.
Jan 29, 15

Great visual designed by Sylvia Duckworth comparing folks set in their ways and those looking to learn on a regular basis.

in outliners: Strategies

Jan 20, 15

This is a well thought out post that provides great insight to the Makerspace movement and how to evaluate performance.

in outliners: Pedagogy

    • We discussed the following:

      • Which of these was the best infographic and why?
      • How does the writer try to engage an audience, even an audience who may not initially care about the topic?
      • Is the text or the visual design most important in each of these? How does the use of color and white space affect your ability to focus on the main message of the infographic? How is font size used to emphasize certain facts?
      • Does the infographic make a claim or develop an argument? If so, how can you tell?
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