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We need to change our paradigm, from creating employees to creating entrepreneurs. @YongZhaoUO #IL21stC
Apr 16, 15

Turn Your Drawings Into 3D-Printable Models With MakerBot's iPad App #makered #edchat

Apr 16, 15

A final course reflection on a gamified course from a grad student & pre-service teacher: #nced

Apr 15, 15

@JRen379 @destiny100393 @clconnery @mmonag01 To promote #pretchat on 4/16: cc: @SFecich @dmantz7 @shannonhmize

Apr 14, 15

What Should We Teach Teachers Who Will Teach Tomorrow? via @coolcatteacher @DeanJimRyan #preTchat #ntchat #edchat

@SFecich @dmantz7 @shannonhmize @mbfxc @JenaiaMorane Ts don't have control, they empower Ss to create a community where we share leadership
Apr 10, 15

Great post reflecting on the use of technology for students to create their own take on historical events. The students used iPads, Book Creator app, and their own creativity.
These are the amazing @BookCreatorApp projects I have been so excited to craft a post about:

in outliners: Integration

I feel like if I was teaching right now I would do a unit on Water - start with Cadillac Desert and then dive into all the policy stuff ...
Apr 10, 15

38 Question Starters based on Bloom’s Taxonomy #pretchat #ntchat @curriculet

Apr 10, 15

Create a Google Sheet and use Birdfeeder add-on to automatically Tweet on your behalf.

in outliners: GAFE

Why do we have to label diversity? I would rather embrace tolerance and understanding .... Just a thought.

Looking for a great representation of how using #SAMR deepens learning? @sylviaduckworth has done it again! #ade2015
Apr 08, 15

Nxt #OETTT: #EdTech in Teacher Prep w/ @bethanyvsmith @reneehobbs & @gravesle Join us 4/14 at 3 pmE #pretchat

Apr 06, 15

How Visual Thinking Improves Writing #edchat #elachat #writing #art #ntchat

Apr 06, 15 (Spotlight on Strategies: A-E-I-O-U!) Love my #DEN!

Apr 02, 15

Discussion Board Rules

@teachwithsoul schools without adequate computer access create a blog wall in classroom, students "post" to the wall with post-its #ntchat

What a stunning view. The @BadlandsNPS in #SouthDakota by Jay Wanta #FindYourPark
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