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Jan 25, 16

Give your "teacher voice" a rest & read about the benefits of using microphones in class:

Jan 22, 16

We have just started with our blogs. Check out Kevin’s first post (4th grader). He is talented. #edmodochat

Jan 19, 16

The Importance of Teaching the True Story About MLK: yes!! @mdawriter

Jan 10, 16

Creating Math Manipulatives using GAFE by @MsDrasby -

Jan 08, 16

Yeah, this is AMAZING! A $20 piece of cardboard saves a baby. How? Check it out...

Jan 08, 16

Fake or Real? A fun Google search challenge for secondary students:

Jan 08, 16

Download these 3 classroom posters and get inspired! #SPARKedu #eduawesome

Jan 07, 16

I would include Design "Thought Books" to emphasize that it isn't (always) about the tools, but the process :)

Jan 07, 16

Reflector 2.4 is here! The update adds YouTube, Vimeo and Hulu mirroring & streaming from iOS & OS X devices! #tech

Jan 04, 16

Google Classroom: 8 Essential Tips Infographic -

Dec 16, 15

iPad Parent Guide App shares advice for using tablets with children + activity ideas.

Dec 14, 15

My Twitter page Be Connected-Be Engaged-Be Informed New teachers get support on #ntchat #preTchat & of course #nt2t

Dec 10, 15

@dmantz7 Dean here are all of our team's ehandouts from #SLATE15 #SLATE2015 3 day event including Makerspace event

Dec 10, 15

Create a List of Rubrics - Automagically

Dec 09, 15

Learning to code, understand robotics and Google Cardboard at #SLATE2015 #SLATE15 #WIEDU

Dec 07, 15

Upcoming #LeadLift Voxer session! @JaimeVanderG will present on Risk and Reward Tuesday 12/22 at 2:30 ET

Dec 07, 15

8 Qs To Ask Yourself When Trying a New Tech Tool #edtech #mbedchat #edchat #cdnedchat #techintegration #ntchat

Dec 06, 15

Google Apps Script: Create an Alert

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