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Nov 27, 15

Social media is made up of 7 building blocks! Use them to build your community -->

You can often change your circumstances by changing your attitude. - Eleanor Roosevelt #quote
Nov 22, 15

.@sfryer has watched this #paperslide & #QuickEdit video she created last week with her @ptokc kids about 20 times!

Ask a math question and Google might answer it for you… with the steps. #mathchat #googlemath @mathdiana

Have you seen the global math Twitter challenge? It's where grades K - 12 math Ss link up and write/solve S created word prob. #pretchat

Studies show that if a teacher doesn’t use an app/service w/in 2 wks of learning about it, they’ll never use it! #MacGyver #MiamiDevice

#pretchat A2: Ask the Ss what they want to do. Do some searches to find others who have made it happen. Get proper clearance and go for it.

@dmantz7 @MissFecher @JustinAion @Mr_Bussiere they're called Skype pals. In April we're going to launch a Skype pal global project #pretchat
Nov 13, 15

@dmantz7 We are hoisting WALK OUR WORLD this year -- with @rockourworld #pretchat

@dmantz7 yep, @rockourworld & I have teamed up for that project #pretchat

Excited to be a part of #pretchat tonight. Let’s collaborate!
Nov 13, 15

Jen Wagner --- hosting projects at -- since 1999. :) #pretchat

Nov 13, 15

Excited! My free book on Revitalising Writing with the iPad is published! #uwclearn #adedu

We used Hopscotch in science today to create gravitational and tension force...safer than actually bungee jumping!
Oct 26, 15

New #5ClueChallenge vid up. Have your Ss taken the challenge yet? Easy way to go global! #globaled #globalclassroom

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