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Dean Mantz

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about 16 hours ago

Have students provide work via Google form and use an add-on to create mail merge response back to them. Each day submitted can be added to a different sheet.

about 18 hours ago

Here's a video showing my system for leaving feedback on student work on Write About:

about 18 hours ago

Free resource to help teach Ss how to cite online/digital/social media: #teacheredchat #edchat

Feb 27, 15

"The concept is simple. Allow students 20% of class time, or one day a week, to work on and explore one topic of their choice." - Sean Ziebarth

  • The concept is simple.  Allow students 20% of class time, or one day a week, to work on and explore one topic of their choice.
Feb 27, 15

This post does a nice job of explaining what an "Exit card" would be if integrated into the classroom as a form of assessment.

  • draw a picture of a log and a rabbit on the board, and place the rabbit at different positions in relation to the log. This would draw out the use of prepositions. For example, "The rabbit is on the log." It sounded like a sensible approach.
  • synthesis, the ability to cut to the essence of an idea or concept and communicate in an effective, succinct, compelling manner.
  • For teachers, the key is how to get the learning to spill out of the classroom and continue the conversation.
Feb 27, 15

"...a great resource that compiles important tips, best practices, and strategies to help you build your audience on YouTube."

The Playbook will walk you through the "getting started" process, programming of a cohesive channel, optimizing the audience reached, develop a community shaped around your YouTube channel and other additional resources.

Feb 27, 15

Mobile device method to create and participate in a scavenger hunt.

Feb 27, 15

@MrLeBrun @soundtrapsite Will post vids next wk when done! 1st time trying it. Here's project/rubric #slowchatela

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