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18 Nov 13

Blogged: Working Remotely Considered Dystopian

07 Nov 13

When evaluating job candidates remember your implicit biases. Trust me, you have them. Great post by @duffy_ma.

01 Nov 13

Required listening for anyone managing virtual teams: @kevinpurdy & @ginatrapani interview @berkun

26 Oct 12

The Future of Markdown -- if you believe in this, lobby for it.

06 Oct 12

Slides from my monitoring talk at #devopsdays Roma this morning:

01 Jul 12

If you didn't make it or missed any talks from #devopsdays, they are all up at thanks to the awesome folks @bmc_devops

10 Aug 11

From Carnegie Mellon/CERT - This report presents a taxonomy of operational cyber security risks that attempts to identify and
organize the sources of operational cyber security risk into four classes: (1) actions of people,
(2) systems and technology failures, (3) failed internal processes, and (4) external events.

26 Jul 11

32 questions that evaluation your Sysadmin/Operations team - similar to Joel Spolsky's "Joel Test".

26 Jul 11

Agentless server assessment tool - useful for planning virtual migrations (IOPS, hardware requirements, etc)

25 Mar 11

Blog with focus on DevOps, automation, cloud, and SaaS

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