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Darren Kuropatwa

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Sep 26, 16

First off, @ddmeyer and the folks at @Desmos are on to something.

Aug 18, 16

Google's bored so they yank gdrive hosting- if you use @mhawksey Twitter archive, The Genius has an end around

Aug 10, 16

analogies are useful for teaching and learning because they require students to analyze a thing (or things), and then transfer that analysis that analysis to another thing. This kind of transfer requires at least some kind of conceptual grasp–understanding

Jul 25, 16

Rather than trotting out interminable lists of the negative consequences of our adoption of technology lets raise awareness of how to avoid the pitfalls of not approaching this new era with solutions and proactive thinking.

Jul 20, 16

"browse stories of innovation happening in schools across the nation. By sharing these stories, we hope to connect districts, schools, and educators trying similar things so that they can learn from each other's experiences."

Jul 20, 16

"the #GoOpen movement — a Department of Education campaign to raise awareness about OER — and has committed to ditching the textbook for at least one class, using open and adaptable online resources instead."

Jul 20, 16

"The learning registry is a new approach to capturing, connecting and sharing data about learning resources available online with the goal of making it easier for educators and students to access the rich content available in our ever-expanding digital universe."

Jun 12, 16

No real words for days like today. I just pray peace and courage for you all.

May 24, 16

"Data comes from people. Displaying it for the world to see can cause harm."

Mar 18, 16

"the purpose of the contact lens is to continuously monitor the glucose levels of diabetics via their tears so that they can more easily manage the disease. This wearable-technology project is still in the early stages, but may become a reality for consumers in the next five years."

Mar 10, 16

The Peeragogy Handbook h/t @hrheingold #peeragogy #pedagogy

Mar 07, 16

Digital Attack Map is a live data visualization of DDoS attacks around the globe, built through a collaboration between Google Ideas and Arbor Networks. The tool surfaces anonymous attack traffic data to let users explore historic trends and find reports of outages happening on a given day.

Feb 29, 16

Towards a #Pedagogy for Everyone (Not Just the "Oppressed"): The Engaged Classroom Today by @CathyNDavidson #edchat

Feb 28, 16

offers foundational methods, examples, and explanatory theories for how to set up the practices of a class, how to determine guiding principles, how to theorize what you are doing in the classroom, how to design the class, how to include multimedia elements and approaches such as games, and how to ensure that you have designed a class for inclusion, not exclusion. Finally, the openness of the learning should continue even after the book is published/goes public, and the chapters in the “Invitations” section offer advice on how to extend your open practices to the world beyond the classroom

Feb 25, 16

"Zach McDowell, who has taught with Wikipedia at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, shares his experiences, challenges and successes with the assignment. These notes were condensed from his WikiConference USA 2015 presentation. "

Feb 24, 16

"Stanford education professor Martin Carnoy examines four main critiques of how international tests results are used in policymaking. Of particular interest are critiques of the policy analyses published by the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA)."

Feb 24, 16

"NPDL Victoria Tool Box

Unknown Use

Tools used as part of the Victoria cluster of schools implementation"

Feb 22, 16

Note: As with any resource, do review these pages before using them."

Feb 08, 16

" 15 formats for structuring a class discussion to make it more engaging, more organized, more equitable, and more academically challenging"

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