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Apr 07, 15

Porn watchers everywhere are being tracked, and if software engineer Brett Thomas is right, it would be easy to out them, along with an extensive list of every clip they’ve viewed.

Apr 05, 15

Project Goals
1) Utilizing the page builder plugin and developing custom modules that make use of Canvas APIs, we can start to create interfaces that allow for easy integration of Canvas material and tools within a self-hosted WordPress site.
2) Creation of a faculty development M.O.L.I.E. designed to transform pedagogical practice; quest-based learning, game theory and elements are the pedagogical drivers.

Apr 03, 15

It takes a lot of courage for a child to stand up for another. And, I would be naive to think that this act resulted simply from our event. Good parenting, positive role models (including teachers), and life-long experiences encouraging empathy allow kids to do the right thing and to make the world better for themselves and for others. Self-harm, suicide, bullying, and other similar issues are difficult to discuss with preteens and teens. Yet, as illustrated by this example, these conversations are necessary and can make a significant difference in the life of a child.

Apr 02, 15

Those who are against the right to forget in the first place should be cheered to see its first uncertain implementation pared back. And those who favor it should want to get it right – especially as, troublingly, there may be more types of requests, from more sources, to come. Such a treacherous path cannot be navigated without the transparency and accountability that we have come to demand of the sovereigns who govern us.

Apr 01, 15

"One of the biggest threats to student privacy​? Failure to communicate​
‘Kids care a lot about privacy, but their view of privacy threats may be a little bit different than adults,’ researcher says."

Apr 01, 15

"What does privacy mean to you?  We asked people to draw what privacy means to them. We went into schools to ask children of different ages, and we asked adults across the United States to contribute their images of privacy. Now we’re asking people around the world to add to our collection.

Explore our images. Click on the tags below to view our images sorted by theme, or read about some of the themes that have emerged. You can also view the whole collection together or view 15 random images."

Mar 26, 15

Men Are Victims Too: Recognizing and Dealing With Abuse

Mar 19, 15

students are directed to unpack their own selfies for signifiers of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and other identity markers, and to write a thesis-driven essay based on this analysis. Mark encourages students to examine choices in self presentation (pose, clothing, facial expression) as well as elements used to frame the picture (lighting, background etc.) to make their analysis.

Mar 11, 15

Parents are wondering how, when, and where to incorporate screens and media into their little ones' lives. See what the evidence shows, and learn tips and guidelines about screen time for children.

Mar 09, 15

"After People Tried To Body-Shame This Guy Dancing At A Concert Something Amazing Happened
Thousands of people are trying to invite this guy to a dance party. UPDATE: Pharrell, Moby, and Andrew WK have all said they want to perform at Dancing Guy’s party."

Mar 04, 15

"Ever want your students to slow down and notice details when they read — whether they’re perusing a book, a poem, a map or a political cartoon? Young people often want to hurry up and make meaning via a quick skim or a cursory glance when a text can demand patience and focus.

Closely reading any text, whether written or visual, requires that students proceed more slowly and methodically, noticing details, making connections and asking questions. This takes practice. But it certainly helps when students want to read the text.

We’ve selected 10 photos from The Times that we’ve used previously in our weekly “What’s Going On in This Picture?” and that have already successfully caught students’ and teachers’ attention. These are some of our most popular images — ones that may make viewers say “huh?” on first glance, but that spark enough curiosity to make them want to dig deeper.

Below, we offer ideas from students and teachers who have engaged with these images for ways to use them, or images like them, to teach close reading and visual thinking skills."

Feb 26, 15

oft-spread claims that that 800,000 children are reported missing each year—with 300,000 children estimated to be sexually trafficked—are outdated or simply wrong.

Feb 18, 15

"Why does it work?
Many of the techniques used on this page were described fifty years ago in this book:

How to Lie With Statistics
By Darrell Huff

The key elements:
Data dredging
Gee-whiz graphs (truncated Y-axes)
Few points of comparison"

Feb 13, 15

"In order to empower youth to create a kinder and braver world, we must begin by making sure that youth are safe.  Youth are not safe when they are being bullied, harassed, or threatened.  Thus, one of the first things that we must do to help youth be safe is combat the culture of meanness and cruelty that is at the root of bullying, peer violence, and abuse. Bullying is a systems problem and many well-intended people don’t realize the complexity of the issue.  This document contains research-driven elements of bullying that should ground any discussion of how to address this complex issue."

Feb 12, 15

"Liberté, by Gretchen Angelo, is a first-year college French textbook with a true communicative approach.Each chapter is built around communicative strategies. Clearly dened objectives in communication, culture, and grammar are given at the start of each chapter, and summary exercises at the end allow students to measure their mastery of these objectives. It has been adopted by instructors at over twenty-five colleges and high schools."

Feb 10, 15

"The Deleted City is a digital archaeology of the world wide web as it exploded into the 21st century. At that time the web was often described as an enormous digital library that you could visit or contribute to by building a home-page. The early citizens of the net (or netizens) took their netizenship serious, and built home-pages about themselves and subjects they were experts in. These pioneers found their brave new world at Geocities, a free web-hosting provider that was modelled after a city and where you could get a free "piece of land" to build your digital home in a certain neighbourhood based on the subject of your homepage. Heartland was – as a neighbourhood for all things rural – by far the largest, but there were neighbourhoods for fashion, arts and far east related topics to name just a few."

Jan 30, 15

"In discussions around the ethics and legal issues of learning analytics I’ve found the same issues cropping up again and again. Almost always they’ve already been covered somewhere in the growing collection of publications on learning analytics. Sometimes they’re expressed in different ways but boil down to the same underlying problem.

The literature review of these issues aims to provide the background for the development of a code of practice for learning analytics. But it’s a large and unwieldy document to refer to so I’ve attempted to distil and group the many issues that I’ve come across so far.

I’ve given each of the resulting 86 issues a name and have provided a question which attempts to capture the issue. Many of these cannot be answered simply; almost all could be responded to with “It depends…” Most have both an ethical and a legal dimension. Some are related more to logistics than ethics or law. And some are already dealt with by existing institutional policies."

Jan 26, 15

App-Hacking: Finding uses for apps or combinations of apps to use them in ways that they were not originally intended.

My first app-hack: Layered Green Screen Writing

Jan 26, 15

"Whoever clicks on the link will have the message automatically added to their Twitter status box--they simply click to tweet!"

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