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Darren Kuropatwa

Darren Kuropatwa's Public Library

Feb 04, 16

Road sign warning drivers of pedestrians distracted by their phones. #culture cc @courosa

Nov 21, 15

Although experts differ on statistics, a 2009 study conducted by Pew Internet & American Life Project confirms sexting is a teen reality that's here to stay. So how do you address it with your teens? Download our handbook for ideas on discussing the issue with kids. Also:

Nov 11, 15

As Social Media/Internet safety advocates, our role is to educate our youth with the “real” information, so that they can make an informed decision. YES, we still need to emphasize that any sext once published digitally, can become public, permanent, searchable and therefor exploitable, and provide real world examples of such. In other words teens need to know that no matter the reason for sending a sext, there is always a “risk”. In our discussions with teens however, we also need to acknowledge that research has also found that some forms of sexting can be classified as “normative” sexually developmental behaviour.

Nov 09, 15

"There are numerous versions of vault apps available to Apple or Android phone owners, many of them available for a few dollars or less online, where downloaders can read comprehensive reviews of each app. Some vault apps specialize in hiding photos, but others allow users to filter text messages and hide phone calls. Other apps — though not necessarily hidden — are designed to mislead others by creating the illusion that one person tried to get in touch with another or by making it impossible for other users to screenshot illicit text messages."

Nov 09, 15

Visualisation of number of pictures shared on SnapChat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram.

Oct 06, 15

"I’ve noticed that most people have difficulty seeking constructive feedback.  If you’re pretty good you can at least accept constructive feedback, but rarely will you actively seek it out.  Often times you’ll still be plagued by that teenage desire to simply seek approval.

But when you meet someone who is hungry for tough feedback, the effect is powerful.  You can just tell that they’re going to be successful because they are so hungry for information.  Their pace of learning is so much quicker than anyone else who toils alone.  They don’t take criticism of their work personally, and because of this, they exude a deep sense of confidence.  I’m always inspired when I see that in its purest form."

Sep 21, 15

"In 2013, Nova Scotia passed the Cyber-safety Act, the first legislation of its kind in Canada that protects the victims of cyberbullying and makes those responsible accountable under the law. Instead of having to rely solely on police pursuing criminal action, victims and their families now have new civil options including seeking protection/prevention orders and suing cyberbullies for damages.
Nova Scotia has also created Canada's first cyberbullying investigative unit, CyberSCAN. This five-person team is dedicated to assisting victims, investigating complaints and resolving cyberbullying situations through a variety of informal and formal legal means."

Sep 15, 15

Tallman determined that a copyright holder is liable for damages if it doesn’t consider fair use prior to firing off a takedown notification, or if it’s determined that a copyright owner pays mere “lip service” to considering fair use when it didn’t do so.
The decision also asserted that Lenz doesn’t have to prove actual monetary loss in order to seek damages.

Sep 05, 15

the effect is the result of internal illusion in the unskilled, and external misperception in the skilled: "The miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others.

Aug 31, 15

Trapezoid tables really do rule!! Bret Klankey @turnerusd202 THS teacher told me he had all trapezoid tables and that he liked what he could do with them in terms of classroom design. When I saw his room---I was blown away! I see why he swears by his trap tables. This isn't his only classroom setup with them. In this particular design, kids in inner table turn and partner up with outer table people easily. Fosters discussion and looking inward to the group.

Aug 24, 15

Here's why value-added studies can show teachers make a difference, but not identify more/less effective individuals

Aug 23, 15

Physical space, classroom displays, learning opportunities, student preferences, movement of people – all contribute to an engaging learning environment and a positive learning climate.

Aug 15, 15

When you think of an "app," do you think of something that you can open, hack, and change how it works? Meemoo wants to give you this freedom. If you can't open it, you don't own it. Meemoo is a framework that connects open-source modules, powered by any web technology. The way that the data flows from module to module is defined and visualized by colorful wires. If you can connect a video player to a TV, you can program a Meemoo app.

Aug 14, 15

Such are the paradoxes of empathy. The power of this faculty has something to do with its ability to bring our moral concern into a laser pointer of focussed attention. If a planet of billions is to survive, however, we’ll need to take into consideration the welfare of people not yet harmed—and, even more, of people not yet born. They have no names, faces, or stories to grip our conscience or stir our fellow-feeling. Their prospects call, rather, for deliberation and calculation. Our hearts will always go out to the baby in the well; it’s a measure of our humanity. But empathy will have to yield to reason if humanity is to have a future.

Jul 23, 15

So despite appearances, despite the feeling that things are accelerating and changing faster than ever, I want to make the shocking prediction that the Internet of 2060 is going to look recognizably the same as the Internet today.

Unless we screw it up.

And I want to convince you that this is the best possible news for you as designers, and for us as people.

Jul 17, 15

"5 tips to help master the art of persuasion – no magic tricks required"

Jul 16, 15

Hypercorrect effect- better to make mistakes from @dylanwilliams #blc15

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