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¡%@&# Dizzywizard

¡%@&# Dizzywizard's Public Library

Apr 23, 15

Some #noise for the moron who felt the need to shout "Hey sexy!" out of his car window just now. Seems appropriate.

Apr 22, 15

needless to say, i am extremely proud of the company culture @dapplestone & i have built.

  • those who believe, without proof, fantastical, far-reaching propositions about the nature of our cosmos and how we should live our lives have nothing to explain, nothing to account for, while those of us who value convictions based on evidence, reasoned solutions, and rules for living deriving from consensus must ceaselessly justify ourselves and genuflect apologetically for voicing disagreement.
  • ncient books that should be pulped, or at best preserved as exhibits for future students majoring in anthropology, with minors in mental derangement.
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