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Sep 02, 15

formerly Notable PDF.

You can view, edit, annotate, share and collaborate all your files via Kami. You no longer need to buy expensive software for your computer. And as millions of businesses and schools move their files on the cloud, you can now do your work effortlessly with our powerful app.

Kami is FREE to use with premium options for advanced features. See our Pricing below.

What files can I open on Kami?

You can open your PDF Files, Google Docs or Microsoft Word files (.docx) and common image files such as .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif. You can now work on most of your files online and sync back to your Google Drive or save to hard drive.

Aug 23, 15

free, open source, cross-platform video editor.

Aug 20, 15

BBVA utiliza los datos de pagos con tarjeta para elaborar un mapa interactivo de los hábitos de los visitantes extranjeros.

Aug 19, 15

What's my place in the world population? How long will I live?

The Journey of your life in numbers and dates!

Aug 07, 15

text editor for the 21st century

Aug 07, 15

a fascinating OS X application that takes all of the instances of a character from a scanned page, and generates an image of the average of all of those scanned characters. This could be very helpful to someone developing a typeface revival from scanned images.

Jul 29, 15

Art Quotes is the world's largest Resource of Art Quotations

It is the world’s largest collection of art quotes and art sayings, online or in a book, many of which you will not find anywhere else. The art quotes collection is entirely the work of volunteers. New art quotes are going in daily.

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