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Oct 05, 15

a set of techniques and software implementations for the analysis, transformation and synthesis of musical sounds based on various spectral modeling approaches. These techniques can be used for synthesis, processing and coding applications, while some of the intermediate results might also be applied to other music related problems, such as sound source separation, musical acoustics, music perception, or performance analysis.

Oct 05, 15

Matemáticas, Física y Química de Secundaria, Bachiller y primeros cursos universitarios. "Practica, practica, practica y… aprobarás."

Oct 04, 15

Are there computers in the classroom? Does it matter? Students, Computers and Learning: Making the Connection examines how students’ access to and use of information and communication technology (ICT) devices has evolved in recent years, and explores how education systems and schools are integrating ICT into students’ learning experiences. Based on results from PISA 2012

Oct 04, 15

El documental explora el mundo de la docencia, basándose en la publicación de un libro que plantea la motivación de los alumnos desde el propio autoconocimiento personal ; donde se promueve que cada uno llevamos un maestro dentro.

Sep 30, 15

educational apps for iPad

Sep 28, 15

Genially is a tool with which you can create all kinds of online contents: presentations, guides, catalogues, interactive maps, infographics, microsites, publications, posters

Sep 27, 15

A lightweight OpenGL painting application

/ OpenGL based painting software for Windows. It supports Wacom digitizers to vary size and opacity of brush strokes according to pen pressure.

Sep 27, 15

Little Painter is a great painting software for kids. This program is really simple, with a clear interface, big buttons, large set of brushes and colourful stamps. Also including the typical functions of paint. Your kids will love Little Painter.

Little Painter supports most popular image formats: BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and TGA with an allowance to both load and save images in these formats. Apart from the usual functions such as painting freehand drawing with a pencil, using brushes of various shapes and tool for drawing straight lines, the program lets you download free coloring stencils from the Internet.

Sep 26, 15

informàtica, electricitat i electrònica, comerç i màrqueting, administració, educació infantil, atenció dependència, infermeria...

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