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Aug 26, 16

Environmental Diseases A to Z
This site provides a description, health studies and clinical trials, as well as how a variety of diseases that have an environmental component can be controlled.

Aug 26, 16

Learning difficulties are more common in children conceived during winter months, according to new research.

Aug 25, 16

A group of tech-savvy librarians offer up a list of their favorite education apps this year.

Jun 28, 16

This is an online quiz on the interaction of the human body systems.

Jun 10, 16

If you're looking for High School internships, look no further. Search by location or company and find the perfect High School internship at

May 20, 16

Cell Biology Animation
This site is composed solely of beautiful and well-explained animations of cells, cellular organelles and function.

May 13, 16

Science Tracer Bullets
This Library of Congress site contains research guides that help you locate information on science and technology subjects. With brief introductions to the topics, lists of resources and strategies for finding more, they help you to stay “on target.”

May 12, 16

Are you using add-ons for Google Apps? These wonderful tools -- available for Documents, Sheets and Forms -- make Google Apps even better. One of my fav

May 12, 16

High school senior Brody Ford is looking forward to the final weeks of the school year, but not for the reasons you might think. At San Diego’s High Tech High School, Ford and his fellow 12th-graders take end-of-the-year courses in personal finance, cooking on a budget, even sewing. The charter school, which has five San …

May 06, 16

"Still face" can lead to emotional disconnect
Some people have "still faces" that fail to readily display emotions, and that lack of responsiveness can make it hard to emotionally connect with employees, writes Michael Lee Stallard. "People follow a 'still face' manager because the manager has authority to hire, fire, promote and pay. They don't, however, follow such a manager because they want to," he warns.
SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Leadership (5/3)

May 06, 16

Basic Toxicology Lab Stations
This site contains a series of simple lab stations or demonstrations on basic toxicology concepts like dose-response, individual susceptibility, threshold, and how size affects dose.

May 05, 16

Researchers found that teachers who participated in mindfulness-based interventions and stress-reducing strategies were more emotionally supportive and demonstrated greater sensitivity to students.

May 03, 16

Some schools in Canada are installing stationary bikes in classrooms to help calm and focus students. In this commentary, Paul Bennett, the director of the Schoolhouse Institute in Halifax, Nova Scotia, shares research about the trend.

May 03, 16

Changing the lighting in a classroom may help students do better on maths tests and reading assignments, according to a study. Maths students improved their scores after taking tests in lighting that mimicked natural daylight, while reading improved in classrooms with a standard, or neutral, light, researchers found.

Apr 29, 16

Virtual Library on Genetics
This site has information on a variety of topics including organisms, countries, human chromosomes and genetic disorders. Each topic page provides a listing of reputable links on the Internet for that topic. Also made available is a list with the most recent additions to the database.

Apr 29, 16

Sometime in the not-too-distant future, Marie and Antonio Freeman step into a doctor’s office to design their next child. “Your extracted eggs, Marie, have been fertilized with Antonio’s sperm,” the doctor says.

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