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Diane Court

Diane Court's Public Library

Jun 03, 15

"As Feld recently told Richard Florida: “Central, top down, planning — like the economic strategy of communist Russia, doesn’t work. Hierarchical planning, whether driven by government, university, or other hierarchical organizations doesn’t work. There is no president of a startup community. There is no vice president of membership, or vice president of education. Startup communities are networks — glorious in all their messiness and chaos. However, they aren’t simply organic phenomena. You have to have leaders who are entrepreneurs. They have to have a long-term view. They have to be inclusive of anyone who wants to engage. And they have to create, and have, activities and events occurring on a continuous basis”."

  • Education v. Learning; Knowledge v. Discovery. Static stocks v. Flows.

  • technical or marketing discipline.
     • A valid passport and driver’s license.
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