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Diane Court

Diane Court's Public Library

  • rural southwest plains of Tucumcari, New Mexico. He grew  up on a ranch and competed in rodeo during his youth.  Although he no longer competes,  these experiences continue to inspire him to this day. After graduating high school,  he attended Mesa College where he studied sculpting. During his summers, he taught  art classes to Tucumcari’s youth. Today he teaches children, adults and other artists.
Jun 03, 15

"As Feld recently told Richard Florida: “Central, top down, planning — like the economic strategy of communist Russia, doesn’t work. Hierarchical planning, whether driven by government, university, or other hierarchical organizations doesn’t work. There is no president of a startup community. There is no vice president of membership, or vice president of education. Startup communities are networks — glorious in all their messiness and chaos. However, they aren’t simply organic phenomena. You have to have leaders who are entrepreneurs. They have to have a long-term view. They have to be inclusive of anyone who wants to engage. And they have to create, and have, activities and events occurring on a continuous basis”."

  • Education v. Learning; Knowledge v. Discovery. Static stocks v. Flows.
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