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  • It is small and light, and when combine with its IS capability   and you have a lens that at the equivalent of 28-135mm

  • Keep in mind that tis is an EF not EF-S lens. This makes its effective focal length about 45-215mm on my Digital Rebel. 
  • you can shoot at 1/40 sec instead of 1/160 sec
  • The image stabilizer means that you can go 2 f-stops slower than you normally could using the rule I just explained. So if you're shooting at 135mm and you have the IS switched on

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  • Impersonation is independent of the authentication mode configured using the authentication configuration element. The authentication element is used to determine the User property of the current HttpContext. Impersonation is used to determine the WindowsIdentity of the ASP.NET application.
  • By default, ASP.NET is configured to use Windows authentication mode, which applies the Windows identity supplied by IIS to the User property of the current HttpContext object. This enables you to determine the identity supplied by IIS through the User property (the user Name is blank when anonymous identification is used), but does not use the supplied identity as the WindowsIdentity for the current page. The WindowsIdentity for an application is used when determining if the application has access to a particular file or network resource.
  • authorization httpcontext.user
    impersonation windowsIdentity
    - Dennis Mercado on 2006-10-11

  • The Shure E4c headphones represent an evolutionary advance in Shure's popular in-ear E series. They feature a new Tuned Port Technology, which enhances the tiny earphones' bass response by improving airflow around the driver.

  • program to an interface, not  an implementation
  • Favor object composition over class inheritance.
  • Favor object composition over class inheritance

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  • Make sure it has a margin. I keep a list of everything I need to do, along with any relevant notes. Any time I get a phone call, or my boss requests something, it goes in the notebook. Any time I notice something that needs to be done, it goes in the notebook.
  • At the end of the day, I write down TOMORROW and list things I need to do. It focuses my energies as soon as I walk through the door.

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  • “Quality Function Deployment” - which is a technique we use in software development and engineering to translate customer requirements into engineering specifications. In the simplest sense, for each feature, we multiply a number representing a customer’s perception of its importance by another number representing an engineer’s estimation of the complexity. The final result is ranked and the relative ordering gives us an indication of what we should implement given a certain time constraint.

  • Unlike   cheaper headphones, the Pioneer headphones use an infrared beam rather   than radio frequency
  •  Pioneer SE-DIR800C

  • ACL AFTERSHOW: THIEVERY CORPORATION 9/14One evening dance aficionado Eric Hilton was out in Washington DC enjoying a casual drink when he bumped into Rob Garza. Several cocktails later, the two had become such fast friends, they decided to form Thievery Corporation. Their mix of downtempo house grooves was so smooth and tight that they quickly found fame on the electronic circuit. The duo released their most recent album, The Cosmic Game, which featured the Wayne-‘Flaming Lips’-Coyne-fronted cut “Marching the Hate Machines (Into the Sun),” to much acclaim in 2005.
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