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Debbie Alvarez

Debbie Alvarez's Public Library

Sep 25, 15

Get your copy of Learning to Go #edwebchat

Sep 25, 15

Very honored to have my 30 Goals Challenge sketched by @sylviaduckworth #edchat #30GoalsEdu

Sep 24, 15

Kevin Henkes always read to his children at the breakfast table.

Sep 24, 15

Giggles & grins w/ every page turn How to Behave at a Dog Show @madrosenberg @HarperChildrens

Sep 13, 15

Is an animated character who can talk to your class too good to be true? Not with @WonderGroveKids:

Sep 12, 15

See the trailer for 'Animorphs' author's next book, 'Crenshaw' -- exclusive #nerdybookclub #elachat #bsdela

Sep 08, 15

This is SUPER interesting: Myth of the Myth of Right Brain Difference #uwclearn @davecaleb @jplaman HT @vanderheijden

Sep 08, 15

Read, Write, Reflect: It's Monday! What Are You Reading? I ♥ The Wolf Wilder too! @katsok Great titles!

Sep 08, 15

Multicultural Starting School Books for Kids via @PragmaticMom

Sep 08, 15

Digital Bytes this week: Readability Chrome extension, StopMotion ideas & Classroom Design #uwclearn @davecaleb

Aug 31, 15

I don't want to say we told you so, but... #visualliteracy @davecaleb @heza #uwclearn

Aug 22, 15

Picture Book Lesson #4: The Illustrator Is Your Partner from my 12-Step Guide to Writing Picture Books

Aug 18, 15

Congratulations, @100scopenotes and @colbysharp!

Aug 09, 15

4 Things Transformational Teachers Do | Edutopia interesting points to ponder, discuss & unpick #ibpyp #ibmyp #ibdp

Aug 06, 15

. @100scopenotes gets a little crazy with his NYTs predictions.

Aug 02, 15

Please join Mr. @ColbySharp and me on August 18 at 8:00 PM CDT:

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