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Debbie Alvarez

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Apr 26, 15

Wherever You Go by @PatZMiller ill @WheelerStudio is sheer delight on every page. @lbschool

Apr 24, 15

. @Loveofxena and I highly recommend @robinnewmanbook's The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake

Apr 24, 15

Enjoyed presenting with my friend @stylinlibrarian about author inquiries #pypchat #inquiry

Apr 23, 15

Funny, lively and full of confident animals Wild About Us! Karen Beaumont Janet Stevens

Apr 11, 15

What would happen if teens didn't have libraries? Find out via this brief video #getESEAright

Apr 10, 15

Read the latest post from the blog of @Nathalie_808!

Apr 10, 15

RT @GuardianBooks: Literary Hub aims to be the 'go-to website for literary culture'

Apr 07, 15

Many much-anticipated books are sent out into the world tomorrow: #nerdybookclub #tlchat
I added Clementine and the Spring Trip to my book release calendar. Look for it on March 5, 2013. @MarlaFrazee
What am I doing at 12:50 AM? Updating my book release calendar!
. @erindowning I added The Quirks & the Freaky Field Trip (9/29) to my book release calendar.

Apr 07, 15

Looking for new graphic novel goodness? Last of the Sandwalkers Jay Hosler @01FirstSecond

Apr 07, 15

My new sounds: Idea Box #022 - Starting a New Book Award with @stylinlibrarian on #SoundCloud

Apr 05, 15

"Wish Girl is a collection, made from my memories and my deep thoughts." @nikkiloftin visit's @KirbyLarson 's blog

Apr 04, 15

Great suggestions for everyone who loves historical fiction, like me ;) #kidlit #mglit

Apr 04, 15

Great List! The Top 50 Best Books for Teachers – Professional Development #BFC530 #Read4Fun #BFC630nz #aussieED

Feb 27, 15

A3- .@Wonderopolis is a really great site and very appealing to kids #illibchat

Feb 23, 15

"He looked up at me. 'God, you're a good dog,' I whispered." The Honest Truth @DanGemeinhart Strength in friendships

Feb 20, 15

*Updated* My Twitter lists of Kidlit/YA editors & agents who rep kidlit/YA

Feb 18, 15

Happy Black History Month. I whipped up a reference guide of books published in the last 5 years. Enjoy!

Feb 18, 15

Find the joy of friendship and the magic of imagination Juna's Jar Jane Bahk/Felicia Hoshino

Feb 12, 15

Top 10 Books on Sustainability for Youth:

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