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Deborah Elzie

Deborah Elzie's Public Library

@debelzie landed back at home.

@debelzie yeah!!!! Hopefully, it was a good taste from home ☺️
28 Mar 14

@TechWomen @HeHeMobile #SuperCow now on Google play: Check out "SOMA" - @JillWetzler

28 Mar 14

African cities are getting in on Pharrell's Happy video game @AfricasaCountry is collecting them here:

"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears." -- Nelson Mandela

Hanging with grandson and family

@debelzie @EdgarGatete @MusoniDavid. Welcome Deb see you at 17:10

A1 Women and girls have insights and needs that may not be perceived by external or male designers/developers #SheBuilds
28 Mar 14

. @debelzie I can’t remember if I shared these photos from our project in Ruhanga SW #Uganda with you

@debelzie @teetooraj @charkenty @Mothoni_ @cattieara May this Day keep smiles on u're beautiful faces.. Happy #IWD Ladies

@debelzie @gittabrian @matibabu8 @SyLubambo @AfricaResilient Thanks for all the support Deb.
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