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Nov 26, 15

Ethiopian Airlines launched a historic flight operated by all women:

Nov 26, 15

Do I hear much gnashing of teeth at #SomeoneTellFoxNews/
Be afraid, #KOT+#UOT are taking aim at you after this: …

In Kampala driving a car is war, and in war you don't tell the enemy your next move.That's why most people don't use indicators

When you have a date but Kampala floods won't let you prosper...
Nov 17, 15

Register for the @Urban & @Infrastructure Development Conference 5-6 Oct. 2016 in Kampala Uganda @CSREuropeOrg RT

Nov 17, 15

Ten search engines for researchers that go beyond Google

Nov 16, 15

Find out what artist @Jackiethe3rd got up to @32degreeseast in #Kampala: @Brit_VisualArts

Nov 10, 15

BitBeat: BitPesa expands into Nigeria, Uganda; shifts focus to business customers via @WSJMoneyBeat

101st birthday of Hedy Lamarr, '30s actress who worked out frequency hopping that makes cellular and Wi-FI possible. See cool Google doodle.
Oct 30, 15

Beacon on a hill: #raintreefarms @ Masindi

Oct 28, 15

Drivers get a motorbike: The Ugandan with a clever model for e-commerce delivery | Anzisha Prize

Oct 16, 15

Makerere students develop breast cancer detecting technology via @dailymonitor

Sep 30, 15

Via @NPR: Making The Case For Face To Face In An Era Of Digital Conversation

Sep 27, 15

Ugandan filmmakers, this sounds exciting! We'll crowdfund your travel expenses. Just apply!

Sep 11, 15

Why economists get Africa wrong (and why political scientists should be worried) - by @texasinafrica and @dadakim

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