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Deborah Elzie

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Feb 06, 16

The rejected flight attendant who started her own aviation company @CNNTravel

Jan 19, 16

Yoza App review: Getting laundry done hasn't been this simple

Dec 26, 15

#agriculture Android Mobile Applications for Agriculture Market, Crop Insurance #1:

Dec 16, 15

congrats to @Nickle_las , @NsubugaHassan and the @yoza_app team ...keep up the good work!!!

Dec 15, 15

In Africa's largest slum, youth save money and decide how to spend it — collectively #OwningIt in Kenya

Dec 09, 15

Woman's remark during impromptu interview causes 1964 classic to surge on bestseller lists:

Dec 09, 15

Made in Uganda: Kiira Motors says vehicle assembly will start in 2018 #pctechmagazine #news

Nov 26, 15

Ethiopian Airlines launched a historic flight operated by all women:

Nov 26, 15

Do I hear much gnashing of teeth at #SomeoneTellFoxNews/
Be afraid, #KOT+#UOT are taking aim at you after this: …

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