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Debbie Fucoloro

Debbie Fucoloro's Public Library

about 19 hours ago

Indeed!! #isdstrong #ntchat #moedchat #educoach

Apr 29, 16

A5: I'm going. For me going is an intentional future pursuit while coming suggests being brought along. #MOedchat
A5: I'm not GOING to give up on any student COMING into my life #MOedchat

Apr 29, 16

Exactly. Surround yourself with a support network. #MOedchat

Apr 28, 16

#moedchat If you want to experience @breakoutEDU & maybe win a box, join us @ #edcampscsd

Apr 27, 16

How to always start Google Chrome in incognito mode |

Apr 24, 16

I agree! @debbiefuco
Join #isedchat Thurs 9pm EST w/@burgessdave and learn what it means to Teach Like a Pirate! #satchat
Find your drum! #edu2823 Love it! #moedchat

Apr 24, 16

Instead of asking, “How can we use technology?” Let’s ask, “What does technology make possible?” #edtech @tes

Apr 24, 16

#CatholicEdChat BreakoutEDU Pinterest Board with clue ideas.

Apr 24, 16

@di_chamberlain @mrsmhebert @debbiefuco Sounds like a fun way to help kids negotiate failure, a la #catholicedchat

Apr 23, 16

Thursday's at 9 @jrsimmons33 @drjtothemax @scriddle22 @samtrankler @ChristineZirges @shannawilson23 @krista_birk

Apr 22, 16

Great to start with

password: showyourwork

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