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Debbie Fucoloro

Debbie Fucoloro's Public Library

about 8 hours ago

@TParks @debbiefuco @EdcampMagic See you there!!!!
about 8 hours ago

Woo Hoo! Just bought "Epcot® Private Dessert Party* TIX” w/ @ScottParks #EdCampMagic #oklaed

Can't wait! MT “@EdcampMagic: HUGE thank U 2 amazing Windermere Preparatory School for hosting #EdcampMagic in June!”
about 8 hours ago

15 Awesome websites you can use immediately.

Mar 01, 15

@debbiefuco RT @ShakeUpLearning: 5 Ways to use Google Presentations NOT as Presentations

#RIP @TheRealNimoy who popularized #space travel for generations to come so we may live long and prosper

At dinner, telling the kids tales of the olden days when kindness was measured on whether or not you rewinded that VHS or Betamax rental.
Feb 28, 15

So this just became very real! #college #Harvard #family

Feb 28, 15

This calls for a snowman emoji:

It's not about the APP, the TOOL, or the DEVICE. It's about the #LEARNING #edchat #amen

#moedchat Thanks for great convo. Glad I could join tonight!

Social media outlets are powerful tools to communicate. Build the relationship. Ps feel like they hear for you all the time! #moedchat

Thanks for letting me join #moedchat tonight! What a bunch of bright and caring educators!

A6 Some need to hear voice/see body language bc written fb can be difficult for them to interpret. Tone doesn’t always transfer. #moedchat

#moedchat dropping wisdom bombs left and right! Twitter's on fire tonight! @ToddWhitaker
Feb 27, 15

@MOedchat Love @AngelaMaiers work #MOedchat

A5 Positive feedback to parents is always a great idea, unexpected phone call home about their S doing well will make their day #moedchat

Ideally our classrooms are so transparent that Ps can see everything that is going on. Open everything! #MOedchat

A6. Start by making positive calls in August. This helps build those great relationships. #MOedchat
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