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  • 1: More Help For The Youngest Learners
  • 2: Teachers Need To Be Better
  • 3: Fix Career And Technical Education (CTE)

  • “Students who use computers very frequently at school do a lot worse in most learning outcomes, even after controlling for social background and student demographics.”
  • That’s right. Lots of computer time meant worse school performance — by a lot.
  • In other words, these colleges had: applied for grants, invested in the software programs, invested in retraining their instructors and redesigning courses, invested further time in adapting the software to individual courses, and spent time participating in the evaluation. But they didn’t go the last mile, or the last thousand feet, to ensure that students were actually using the software, or perhaps make it clear to them why it was potentially helpful.

  • Let's now teach them to use email properly, including:
    • Checking email regularly;
    • Conveying a clear message;
    • Using appropriate language and grammar;
    • Being professional, avoiding slang and emoticons; and,
    • Communicating with an authentic voice.
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