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    • The Basics

  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • Perform several "takes," replaying them after production to see ways of improving the video

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  • Step 1: Develop a Screencasting Plan
  • Step 2: Source Your Multimedia Content
  • Step 3: Record Your Screencast

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  • uch a noble pursuit demands that we be as effective as possible, bringing many educators to the question, “what are the interventions that have the greatest impact on student achievement?”
  • What Factor Has The Greatest Impact On Student Achievement?
  • When Hattie plotted the number of effects by effect size across all meta analyses, the resulting graph revealed a peak at an effect size of 0.4—a place referred to as the “hinge point” because about half of the interventions have an effect size less than 0.4, and half are above. Hattie suggests interventions that are above the mark to be most efficacious.

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  • Remember, each of the reviews posted on App Ed Review contains an original app description, a comprehensive app evaluation, and 30-5 instructional ideas that explain how the app can be used. All the apps discussed are linked to our review database. Enjoy our movie maker app picks!

  • Lerner is the co-author of a white paper on the topic the forum released last month. "The Intersection of Afterschool and Competency-Based Learning" examines what the forum calls the "emerging concept" of after-school programs informing competency-based learning and vice versa.
  • The report also explores the impact of issuing badges or other certifications to students who show competencies in after-school programs. It notes that while badges may not be accepted by the K-12 education system yet, they may be valued by "employers, higher education institutions, and other institutions." The forum also praises digital badges as being particularly valuable to young people. The paper explores two badging programs, OregonASK Digital Badge Pilot and Kansas EPIC Pilot.

  • The guidance letter also addresses the fact that ESSA does not contain a “highly qualified teacher” (HQT) provision, which NCLB did. In fact, the continuing resolution passed by Congress last fall and prior to ESSA being signed into law included an extension of the HQT requirement into the next school year. The new transition document informs states that they do not have to ensure that teachers of core subjects meet the requirements to be considered highly qualified

  • What are your goals for asking students to participate in online discussion? For example:Prepare for in-class discussion (by posting questions for students to respond to prior to class)• Identify key concepts in course readings• Extend and apply issues introduced in course materials• Continue in-class discussion outside of class time
  • To communicate your goals to students, you can: Include goals as part of the discussion board layout so that students see them when they log on
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