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Deb Gardner

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Mar 02, 15

LR finish at 29:30

    • The 4 principles that formed the framework for the study were:

      1. Grades should be referenced to the curriculum objectives or learning expectations (criterion referenced)
      3. A grade should be an accurate representation of achievement and non-achievement factors should be reported separately
      5. Results from multiple assessments should be combined carefully with weighting that reflects learning expectations
      7. Information about grading should be clearly communicated so that grades are justified and their meaning is understood by students, parents, and other teachers.

  • To recover from a single zero percentage grade, a student must achieve a minimum of nine perfect papers
  • Certainly students need to know that there are consequences for what they do and do not do in school. Malingering should be penalized. But should the penalty be so severe that students have no chance of restitution or recovery regarding their grade?

  • EDpuzzle is a neat tool that allows you to add your voice and text questions to educational videos. On EDpuzzle you can search for educational videos and or upload your own videos to use as the basis of your lesson.

  • Podcasting is not outdated at all. In fact, it seems to be making a resurgence after a lull a couple of years ago.
  • If you want to publish your podcasts on iTunes you will have to follow all of the steps that Apple has outlined here. If you simply want to create audio recordings and post them online (on your blog, website, or a service outside of iTunes) then the process is rather straight-forward.
  • Podcast creation with a MacBook Pro:

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