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Experts from around the web share tactics and advice for educators who want to make the most of Google Forms.

  • Short, focused discussions of key concepts or ideas can be a great way to support student learning when they're working independently or at a distance
  • For example, if you want to share content quickly in a condensed format, micro-lectures can help cut out excessive verbiage
  • This summer I'm teaching a fully online course and one of my big concerns for online teaching is maintaining a high level of student engagement. One of the ways I'm approaching this is through regular use of focused 5-minute videos

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May 19, 16

Timelines are useful tools for helping students conceptualize how individual events fit into a given time period. My favorite timeline app is TimelineJS, an open-source tool from Northwestern University’s Knight Lab that lets you build timelines from Google Sheets.

  • There are only four steps to creating a timeline. The app’s page outlines them, and includes links to templates, but here’s a quick overview:
May 19, 16

Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) Primary Source Sets are designed to help students develop critical thinking skills by exploring topics in history, literature, and culture through primary sources. Drawing online materials from libraries, archives, and museums across the United States, the sets use letters, photographs, posters, oral histories, video clips, sheet music, and more. Each set includes a topic overview, ten to fifteen primary sources, links to related resources, and a teaching guide. These sets were created and reviewed by the teachers on the DPLA's Education Advisory Committee.

  • Click here to access Tk20 Help Sheets for the School of Education and Excercise Science
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