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  • This semester we will begin with the Crusades and end with the  Modern World.  We will use the Journey Across Time textbook,  John Green's Crash Course World History videos, and a other  tools.   


      Students will demonstrate what they have learned in a variety of  ways, including: class discussions & assignments, homework,  projects, quizzes, journals, and essays.   


      HOT skills should be developed, and students are encouraged to  ask deeply meaningful questions and search for solid answers.    


      Last but not least, students will connect history to current  events, since that is indeed the importance of studying history  at understand humanity's mistakes and learn to make a  better future!

  • the group of  people, describe them, and tell why they moved.

  • Take notes on the Crash Course #3 video, stopping to pause and rewind to ensure all key information is noted and understood.  (All CC videos can be found in the resource section at the top of our Moodle home page, OR you can google the highlighted title above.)


    Remember to ask questions in your notes, as well.  Place a ? in from of all questions for which you want more explanation.


    Copy your notes from OneNote on CC#3, and leave the original notes alone.


    Paste your notes into your Moodle submission box for the assignment, and hit submit.


    I will read your notes, give you points, and most importantly give you feedback to make your notes better.  You should read all feedback and follow any directions in it to improve.

Aug 07, 14

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