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Dan Connolly

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about 8 hours ago

#opensource Get ready to use #components for #iOS #Android apps using #ReactNative at Check-

about 8 hours ago

Diigo's refocus back to annotation!
Check it out and let us know how you feel about our direction.

about 9 hours ago

map : reduce : filter :: collect : ? ..

  • If you have a very restrictive umask (such as 077), you will see “permission denied” errors.

  • Using docker, I can document my dependencies via the docker file, and use jenkins to build images automatically based on updates to my repositories. This builds a static binary file that I can hand to my sysadmins so they can easily deploy my app on our centos boxes with the only dependency being the docker runtime and a webserver on the host for reverse proxy.
  • In order to do Python deployments through OS packages (as I think you should), I created a tool called vdist, which lets you create clean OS packages that can then be installed in the same way you install any OS package

  • Run a derivation in a Linux virtual machine (using Qemu/KVM).

  • X-Hub-Signature HMAC hex digest of the payload, using the hook's secret as the key (if configured).

  • Agoric stems  from agora, the Greek term for a meeting and market place.

  • Apple started officially allowing programming language interpreters in the iOS App store late Q3 of 2010 (they changed their SDK agreement to clarify this). However interpreters (except for Javascript in a UIWebview) are not allowed to run any downloaded code. Only code built into the app, or typed in by the user.

  • A new file type will be recognised, .mjs as ES modules.

  • This 2 year old effort allows you to describe your chain of automation in a textual form. This allows you to version control it, put it alongside your source tree, etc.

  • Exit polls by CNN on the night of the New York election showed a narrow victory of 4-5 percent for Hillary Clinton. Thus it was to the great surprise of many experts that an hour later the results came back as a 16 percent statewide win for Hillary Clinton.
  • This variance of 10-11 percent between the exit polls and the recorded vote totals is way outside the margin of error. Mathematical analysis of this variance reveals that the probability of this happening by chance is 1:123,000.
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