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  • Mobile apps have taken the opposite approach for a combination of technical and product design reasons. Everything is in the developer’s control. Text isn’t selectable unless the developer decides it is.

  • The data may continue to be free after 24 months, but we can't guarantee it.

  • KRL programs execute in a system where identity is pervasive; all events are raised on behalf of a specific entity.
24 Apr 14

Fine grain Cross-VM Attacks on Xen and VMware are possible!

24 Apr 14

You have ruined JavaScript - #programming #rant

23 Apr 14

Nice blog post from @SpaceMonkey about how they switched their distributed storage product from Python to Go:

23 Apr 14

Neat benchmarks of Cap'n Proto Rust vs. C++: HT @gcouprie

  • it's almost entirely written in client side javascript. That means that it's pretty much totally functional without access to a remote server. By default, when you begin selecting text, it sends a secure HTTPS request which lacks any kind of identifiable information to the Project Naptha cached remote OCR and Translation service. This allows you to recognize text from an image with much more accuracy than otherwise possible. However, this can be disabled simply by checking the "Disable Lookup" item under the Options menu.
22 Apr 14

Wow, this is hard: #Java

22 Apr 14

I actually agree with Bob Harper here about "dynamic programming" being a really bad name for memoization:

21 Apr 14

Critique of NIST's first publication attempting to analyze and correct its own failures: by @hashbreaker

  • D5056DDE
  • sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-key D5056DDE
  • ppa:tortoisehg-ppa/releases
19 Apr 14

The details matter. From @ramez : Is the US an Oligarchy? Not So Fast.

19 Apr 14


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