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  • Have you tried "Acetoneiso"?


    It'll convert the DMG to an ISO for you.

about 11 hours ago

Spent a year learning about the vast potential of blockchain technology. Here's as much as I could fit in one article

  • One of the guys on one of my motorcycle forums just installed one of these units on his Lexus and had rave reviews for it.

  • the quality of music sound is somehow lower than expected (not only as compared to a wired connection to aux but also compared to another bluetooth product
  • The BT-35 integrates into the stock radio and sounds great!

  • I want to replace the factory receiver in my 2006 Pilot EX-L and I was told by Crutchfield that if I do that, the subwoofer will no longer work
  • the subwoofer amp is built into the factory receiver

Jul 03, 15

explore sage notebook for number theory w/metamath export
project: Math & C.S. notes: develop formalism for knowledge capture

Jul 03, 15

least authority stdlib: only main gets authority; not libraries
what was that issue about non-determinism?
make my own clone and raise the issue there? yes.

Jul 03, 15

Mozilla's game roadmap: WebAssembly, SharedArrayBuffer/pthreads, SIMD.js, WebGL2:

  • CamCard attaches a .tar file when sharing by email, a file that is meant to be used only by another CamCard user. Although it includes the textual contact data and the card image, the utility of contact sharing is greatly reduced by this omission.
Jul 02, 15

Announcing our new Center for Reproducible Neuroscience -

Jun 30, 15

#PureScript 0.7.0 looks really good: - read the migration guide if you have existing code:

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