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Dan Connolly

Dan Connolly 's Public Library

May 28, 16

my slides are here #tkrk11 / “Developing the fastest HTTP/2 server”

  • Delegation

    Users who need to control process state often need only to do that. They don’t want or need full-blown shell access to the machine on which the processes are running.
May 27, 16

We are pleased to announce the release of Rust 1.9!

May 27, 16

“A Guide to Naming Variables” (including the “Teutonic principle”):

  • Oh come on. Bitcoin was more than abstruse and geeky enough. Now this new made-up-magical-money thing is even more complicated? Why should I care?
May 22, 16

Oh my god this is freaking amazing. The narrative of a malicious insider at a Bitcoin company. Wow. Wow. #MUSTREAD

May 22, 16

Introducing vulnix – a vulnerability scanner for NixOS

May 21, 16

Slides from my talk earlier today at #JOnTheBeach on @ponylang

May 20, 16

Now available! Check out the schedule at to meet the speakers & see what they'll be talking about. #midwestio

  • U.S. regulatory frameworks are seen as complex, conservative and, in some respects, opaque with limited regulatory initiatives directed towards FinTech.
May 17, 16

Bitcoin buys using a debit card are now live to 100% of U.S. users on Coinbase!

  • geth --mine --minerthreads=4
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