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Dan Connolly

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about 21 hours ago

anyone interested in the SemWeb and Health Care interested to support this @w3c community group? @wilbanks? others?

about 21 hours ago

New #UberEng article out on why we ultimately made the switch from @postgresql to @MySQL:

  • InnoDB is at a slight disadvantage to Postgres when doing a secondary key lookup
  • the write amplification problem also translates into a replication amplification problem
  • The MySQL replication stream only needs to contain information about logical updates to rows. The replication updates are of the variety “Change the timestamp for row X from T_1 to T_2.” Replicas automatically infer any index changes that need to be made as the result of these statements.

1 more annotation...

about 21 hours ago

Ok, minimal #rustlang rz80 sample emulator working, with WIP source code annotations here:

about 21 hours ago

#w3ccommunity Proposed Group: Semantic Web in Health Care and Life Sciences Community Group

about 21 hours ago

NIST declares the age of SMS-based 2-factor authentication over

Jul 24, 16

Questions I ask during my first 1:1 with a new direct report:


Jul 23, 16

First blog post, on my first blog: A Formal Verification of @rustlang's Binary Search Implementation

Jul 22, 16

Stack Overflow Trends for #SPARQL

Jul 21, 16

Way to go @kendall! RT @svrc: RT @stardog_db: Stardog raises $2.3 million seed round

  • Tyranny of the majority IS something we should be wary of.
Jul 20, 16

Public unveiling of a better alternative to @usnews rankings:

Jul 19, 16

#sssw2016 morning run

Jul 19, 16

Now: "A Framework for the Game-theoretic Analysis of Censorship Resistance" #pets16

Jul 19, 16

@dckc Some overlap with and @robinberjon @sandhawke #LinkedResearch

Jul 19, 16

@lbljeffmo @Vjeux - awesome. -- it caught a handful of unused styles in the UIExplorer :)

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