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Dan Connolly

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about 19 hours ago

“The Internet’s Own Boy” Aaron Swartz wrote brilliantly about #startups and #incomeinequality in 2008 What a loss!

about 19 hours ago

Nice documentation!

Feb 04, 16

Excited to see @MSEdgeDev planning Service Workers and Push implementation, and Payments in the longer term.

  • location ~ /some/path/(?<section>.*)/index.html {  proxy_pass$section/index.html;

  • If the services on your network require more than a few self-signed certificates it may be worth the   additional effort to setup your own internal Certification Authority (CA).
Jan 28, 16

Excited to see great film about how the Web was made. Wathc for it! @ForEveryoneNet @sundancefest

  • docker run --name mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=my_password -d mysql docker run --rm --link mysql:mysql -p 1234:80 nazarpc/phpmyadmin
Jan 25, 16

An excellent, clear, constructive analysis and call to action on the Bitcoin governance crisis: by @drwasho

  • I suggest splitting it across two largely unrelated financial institutions with different risk profiles - say, a big national bank and a local credit union.
  • In the end, ladders, cars, and space heaters are a much greater threat to your well-being than a gun-totting robber or an army of zombie marauders could ever be.
  • If you tell them that the thieves will probably take their game console, they may even listen to what you have to say.

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  • Interactive system scenarios on top of seL4

  • sudo apt-get install nasm xorriso qemu build-essential
Jan 24, 16

Koka microsoft research heap effect (capability)

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