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Dan Connolly

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about 1 hour ago

Genode 15.11 features improved TrustZone support for the USB armory, including eSDHC, UART protection.

about 1 hour ago

Diesel — A safe, extensible query builder and ORM for @rustlang by the maintainer of ActiveRecord, @sgrif

about 1 hour ago

Genode 15.11 covers Intel graphics driver, GUI stack improvements, secure copy-paste, TrustZone on USB Armory

about 10 hours ago


Hamed Abedtash, PharmD
PhD Candidate Health Informatics | Pharmacist | Instructor | Research Assistant
Indianapolis, IndianaInformation Technology and Services
Observational Health Data Sciences & Informatics (OHDSI)

Nov 27, 15

So excited about #d3unconf with @d3unconf tomorrow! The discussion topics are looking pretty juicy:

Nov 24, 15

Great job by @lethalman, #Nix code to generate Docker Image Specification tarballs: - wanted this for a long time!

  • For those of you who want to route notifications for work-related projects to different email addresses, you can now configure email routing based on the organization a repository lives in.
Nov 23, 15

@hashbreaker uses separate jailed process for every connection and does private key ops in separate process

Nov 22, 15

Impact of Wikimania Mexico 2015 on Wikidata

  • SMW has notably gained traction in the health care domain for collaboratively creating bio-medical terminologies and ontologies.
  • Wikidata supplants the potential use of Semantic MediaWiki on Wikipedia, but its software uses a subset of the Semantic MediaWiki code, that was spun off as its own library, called "DataValues".[5]
Nov 20, 15

"Why developers should use HTTPS" reason 158: ISPs injecting their copyright opinions into customers's browsers

Nov 20, 15

We've just launched an extension that adds @flowtype support for @VisualStudio code.

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