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Sep 06, 15

: In every country where muslims are in the minority, they are obsessed with minority rights... In every country where muslims are the majority, there are no minority rights.

  • Indeed, to have disappeared is the defining quality of this novel. Scruton’s story asks his readers to consider how to live a life of meaning in a world from which so much of value has disappeared: customs, religion, law, virtue, beauty, education. Readers may recognize something of themselves in his characters. Indeed, The Disappeared is an occasion for the contemporary reader to reflect on his own standing in a world defined by absence more than presence.

  • . Consider how it can be that five activist judges can create a new individual right based on personal behavior and subjugate an established individual right — a First Amendment right? How can it be that five activist judges can create a new right and impose their will upon the states — a complete violation of federalism — but not demand every state recognize the Second Amendment rights of individual Americans? My concealed carry license from Florida is not permitted in every state in the Union? If five activist judges belief every state must accept same-sex marriage (as a reminder I support civil unions), then every state must accept my established right to keep and bear arms — and not infringe upon it.
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