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May 16, 15

"In 2013 Jeb Bush called for admitting more immigrants to "repopulate" Detroit:"

May 03, 15


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The most Dangerous 18 Months for America in My Lifetime"

  • I reserve my country’s right to go and mess with nations that might possibly pose some danger to mine; and I set the bar for “possibly” way low.

  • The appeal of modernity, democracy, and the liberal order isn’t nearly as powerful as we sometimes take for granted. Going by conventional reason and morality, it’s a no-brainer; even the oppressed and impoverished have a better deal in the West than they would with the Islamic State. And yet, the opportunity to slaughter innocent people, destroy priceless artifacts, rape little girls, set dudes on fire, crucify Christians, fight fellow Muslims and/or maybe die horribly in the effort speaks to something deep within them.
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