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  • The mother of two of the Paris terrorists, one of whom was a suicide bomber, demonstrated how far she had assimilated to contemporary Western culture from her native Algerian, and how well she understood it, when she said that she was sure that the son who blew himself up with explosives in his vest did not intend to kill anyone and acted in the way he did only because of stress. This combines two important modern tropes: that stress excuses all, and that irrespective of someone’s actual conduct, however terrible it may be, there subsists within him a core of goodness that is more real than the superficial badness, such as taking part in mass murder.

  • When I heard of the attacks I was stricken with fear: not of terrorists or Muslims but of the weak-kneed Français
  • So, I hopped on a plane. When I arrived and started talking to locals, I realized the situation was far worse than I ever could have imagined. Yes, they saw it as a train crash, but it wasn’t a Muslim or even a French train. It was an Israeli train built by Americans. They disagreed with their president and denied it was a war. They even denied the terrorists were Muslims. “They were on drugs,” said a Muslim taxi driver. “That alone proves they were not Muslims.” He went on to explain that the Koran states that all evil deeds must be met with kindness. He said that his religion forbids you to murder the innocent and that these are all traits the Christian Bible is sorely lacking. That’s right, I was getting lectured on the immorality of Christianity days after a Muslim attack. I also met an American tourist who insisted the attackers weren’t human. He said we can’t discuss their behavior because nonhumans have no context. This cognitive dissonance was the norm in Paris.
  • Christianity is about an eye for an eye. If you hate us, we hate you back. Let’s go into les banlieues and close down all the “illegal” mosques (what the French call unsanctified mosques with self-appointed radical imams). Islam is so inbred and fanatical, they actually think they can win. Let’s show them how wrong they are. France bombed Syria, and the police did begin to storm the suburbs. A Muslim just blew herself up during a raid. The Parisian people I met would blame the police for her death. “Let it be,” as the Beatles say.

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  • here is perhaps nothing that sums up modern liberalism more clearly than its dangerous pursuit of utopia.  Virtually every perverse liberal policy today – their lust to maintain the "right" to kill children in the womb, their desire to destroy marriage and the family, their lust for all things homosexual, their big-government economic policies and hatred of capitalism, their lust for the environment and hatred of fossil fuels, their hatred of guns and gun rights, and so on – stems from the Darwinian notion that this life is all that we have, and everything imaginable must be done in order to fill it with as much pleasure as possible.
Nov 01, 15

" Thomas Glisson #1703 b. abt 1784, m. (1) abt 1802, Jane Clear #1723, b. abt 1788, d. 18 Aug 1839, Clermont Co.OH,

bur. Jacob Light Memorial Park-New Richmond, m. (2) Elizabeth Bettle #1737, b. 14 Jan 1796, d. 21 Aug 1864, Clermont

Co. OH, bur. Gee Hill Cemetery-Clermont Co. OH. went to Clermont Co. Ohio

1. Male Glisson #1724 b. abt 1804."

  •       D.   Thomas Glisson #1703 b. abt 1784, m. (1) abt 1802, Jane Clear #1723, b. abt 1788, d. 18 Aug 1839, Clermont Co.OH,


                   bur. Jacob Light Memorial Park-New Richmond, m. (2) Elizabeth Bettle #1737, b. 14 Jan 1796, d. 21 Aug 1864, Clermont


                   Co. OH, bur. Gee Hill Cemetery-Clermont Co. OH.  went to Clermont Co. Ohio

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