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Dave Sharpe

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Oct 02, 15

Piper: “If none of God’s purposes can be frustrated, then he must be the happiest of all beings.”

Oct 01, 15

God preordains trials of hardship, in order that we would gain a gift greater than the trial itself.

Sep 27, 15

There may be a honeymoon phase when you arrive at a church, but before long, conflicts and complications will arise.

Sep 22, 15

Cereal Volume 10 launches today. Order a copy at

Sep 22, 15

.@TimKellerNYC tackles three popular objections to the doctrine of election.

Sep 21, 15

Sunday worship is a habit of grace, not to burden you, but for your good. Enter with eagerness and expectancy.

Sep 18, 15

Short and sweet: 3 Reasons We Need to Pray.

Sep 17, 15

Many Christians don't need brilliant biblical insights, they simply need to apply the fundamentals they already know.

Sep 05, 15

Keep It Simple Stupid: Martin Luther on the Christian Life

Sep 03, 15

10 Mistakes Pastors Make when Interviewing

Aug 14, 15

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!

Aug 07, 15

Few are better equipped to apply a theology of grace to parenting than Paul Tripp.

Aug 02, 15

Sola Scriptura or Sola Cardia? Is our authority really the Bible or is it our hearts?

Jul 29, 15

When a pastor says sermon application is not his job, but the Holy Spirit’s, he confuses application with conviction.

Jul 23, 15

Learn how to preach better from this 500-year-old book.

Jul 19, 15

A La Carte: The beauty of Iceland, brilliant fake news, trivial prayer requests, more than you can handle, etc.

Jul 16, 15

New Post: 5 Lies Preachers Believe about Preaching —

Jul 09, 15

How to Push Through The Preaching Curve to Better Sermons, by @scottattebery -

Jun 26, 15

Many people are being carried away with prosperity theology because they have no idea what it is.

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