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15 Apr 14

Six ways to detect a softer and more veiled version of the ‘Prosperity Gospel.’

It’s time to create a margin in which you not only focus on your true priorities but also simply breathe & begin to enjoy life again.

You don’t wing the weekend teaching, why would you wing what happens in groups? @RealEricGeiger #T4G

@emmajgreenwood I think it will provide an excellent discussion starter around the empty tomb.

@_dmsharpe this might help.
06 Apr 14

"Expository preaching is a call to deliver from the pulpit what has already been delivered in the Scriptures."

@_dmsharpe He is a master of the lens.

Teaser: The False Teacher series continues tomorrow with a guy who set the table for T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, and The Secret.
30 Mar 14

How we prepare for our Sunday gatherings is directly related to how much we benefit from our time together.

13 Mar 14

Four objections to Christianity that are both popular and answerable:

“#Aslan's instructions always work; there are no exceptions.” ― #CSLewis | #TheSilverChair

Grace = Your standing before God has been forever and ever secured by the perfect life and acceptable sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Grace = You no longer need to be afraid of being known because nothing could be known about you that's outside the shed blood of Jesus.

Grace = You are the constant focus of an ever-present Redeemer of unchanging and unceasing mercy.

Me: “Cause I’m Daddy, and I’m the boss.” Leah: “No Daddy, JESUS is the boss.” Me: Speechless. ;)

If you knew for sure that God wanted to bless and prosper you, more abundantly than you could imagine, how would you pray?

Piper: "You never memorize Scripture for yourself only. You need to know the Bible to help others." #THINK14

Piper: "We don't think about 95% of what we do before we do it, so we desperately need a transformed mind." #THINK14

#Chromebook tip: Ctrl + shift + T brings back the tab you closed by accident. Give it a try!
04 Feb 14

ASUS' Fanless Haswell Chromeboxes Start At $179

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