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Dave Sharpe

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Nov 25, 15

When the Spirit Gifts - 1 Corinthians 14.1-25. RBT Notes, 25th November - #ReadingtheBibleTogether #1Corinthians

Nov 25, 15

Please read the post in its entirety #cm13

Nov 24, 15

You can burn down churches but you will not destroy them.

Nov 21, 15

What you believe about why you are in a small group will dictate how you behave in that group.


Nov 18, 15

Congratulations to our #streetlife winner Vasile Buzdugan with this striking image.

Nov 18, 15

Everyone should move out from facebook to @elloworld

Nov 17, 15

Memorizing God’s words is not just a deposit into an account for tomorrow, but assets working for you right now.

Nov 15, 15

One Hour, One Camera, One Lens, One Block - Fuji X100T & San Francisco

Nov 14, 15

Enjoying a little break in costa coffee Riverside, Phnom Penh.…

Nov 13, 15

OMG! My first business card. Made my own labels to send people to my page. GeoCities ! via…

Nov 11, 15

We've got 33 pioneering church planters pitching up for a days equipping tomorrow. It's going to be…

Nov 11, 15

People often say stupid stuff about the Bible. Like, “You can’t know what the author originally wrote!”

A response:

Nov 09, 15

The basic human condition: God's not really all that holy and I'm not really all that bad.

Nov 05, 15

Absolutely in love with all the new #Ello communities. Check 'em out:

Nov 05, 15

Just for fun: Here is an updated and quizzified version of "Joel Osteen or Fortune Cookie?"

Nov 03, 15

@dmsh_ Oh, we have stickers. Free ones, even:

Oct 31, 15

9 Things You Should Know About Pornography and the Brain

Oct 29, 15

Interruptions to your day are God’s invitations to truly live.

Oct 27, 15

Memorizing a large chunk of the Bible is a strategic way to obey Romans 12:2. I want the text in my blood.

Oct 23, 15

ICYMI: There's a "Blue Bucket of Gold" remix, and we can't stop playing it.

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