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Dave Sharpe

Dave Sharpe's Public Library

Feb 05, 16

You saw this, right? RT @rafterroberts: oh hey! i released a new album today!

Feb 04, 16

If you are God's child, if you belong to him, then a cancer diagnosis–in Christ's hands–will change you for good.

Feb 02, 16

Schreiner: Romans 7 does not describe your Christian experience. (

Piper: Yes it does. (

Feb 01, 16

Ferguson: “It was not legalism for Jesus to do everything his Father commanded him. Nor is it for us.”

Feb 01, 16

Here are 7 strategies for fighting distraction to deepen and direct our prayers.

Jan 25, 16

“Preach the gospel at all times; use words if necessary” is clever and catchy. It just isn’t biblical.

Jan 25, 16

8 reasons why church don't grow beyond 200... What are you thoughts?

Jan 25, 16

You’re a pastor facing spiritual lethargy in your congregation. What should you do?

Jan 23, 16

It's Friday. Has it been a bit too much this week?

Jan 22, 16

Friends, The Welcome Wagon has been working on some music and we want you to hear it:

Jan 21, 16

Piper: “He kept me. He kept me! I still believe! Can you believe it?!”

Jan 20, 16

Perhaps one book other than the Bible many Christians should consider reading is the Qu’ran.

Jan 16, 16

Why you shouldn’t let philosophers tell you that Muslims and Christians worship the ‘same’ God.

Jan 15, 16

"The test of a gospel-centered church is its doctrine on paper plus its culture in practice." —@rayortlund

Jan 10, 16

Life is too short to waste. Don’t live strong, live wise. Committing Psalm 90 to memory will help.

Jan 05, 16

Never played #WexMondays before? Take a look and grab some inspiration from last years top shots:

Dec 30, 15

Grief sends married couples into uncharted waters.

Dec 29, 15

Got a big one

Dec 26, 15

Boxing Day explained
2nd theory is definitely true

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