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Dave Sharpe

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Apr 11, 16

Martyn Lloyd-Jones believed the focus of the sermon is to unveil God. —@DrStevenJLawson

Apr 02, 16

Contextualization isn’t movie clips.

Apr 01, 16

Introducing the new Dog Filter!

Mar 21, 16

Pastors, here are two vital assumptions about preaching and three suggestions about selecting a text to preach.

Mar 20, 16

The gospel removes our debt from sin with God and brings a debt to evangelize our neighbors and the nations.

Mar 08, 16

Even the godliest saint still has remnants of the fear of man in his or her soul. —@Nick_Batzig

Mar 04, 16

The spiritual gifts are not for our oohs and aahs. They are given as a means to extend love and the grace to others.

Feb 29, 16

#Blog on my recent #WexMondays entry from Norfolk Coast #photography @wextweets

Feb 27, 16

If your hope is anchored in Jesus, the worst-case future scenario for you is resurrection and everlasting life.

Feb 22, 16

One of the more preposterous statements I’ve heard many preachers say is, “Sheep are dumb.”

Feb 21, 16

Is this the ultimate storage solution for a photo-editing workstation?

Feb 20, 16

Are you making it clear that people aren’t Christians just because they regularly go to church?

Feb 19, 16

2 boys became an online sensation after these photos from a Chinese temple went online.

Feb 12, 16

I just finished day 5 of the @YouVersion plan 'Lent: Journey According To Luke'. Check it o…

Feb 11, 16

5 of the best reasons to own a PEN

Feb 11, 16

Piper: “We are so accustomed to our western prosperity, we think a 10% tithe is generous.”

Feb 05, 16

You saw this, right? RT @rafterroberts: oh hey! i released a new album today!

Feb 04, 16

If you are God's child, if you belong to him, then a cancer diagnosis–in Christ's hands–will change you for good.

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