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May 27, 15

A great set of FREE lectures from Westminster Theological College on church history

May 22, 15

Help me teach the Bible. John Piper on teaching Philippians. Two audio sessions.

May 22, 15

Piper: “Romans 9 is the massive, often unnoticed foundation of the glorious house of Romans 8 and all its promises.”

May 21, 15

The Most Important Decision a Pastor Can Make Each Day, by @ronniefloyd -

May 12, 15

@_evadco Hey, you can find cases for the M8s on

Apr 28, 15

The problem with two services, in broad strokes, is that it divides the church.

Apr 25, 15

Looking for classic books to read? Consider these recommendations:


Apr 21, 15

Preaching like the Master? These Stuart Olyott talks are so very helpful.

Apr 21, 15

Pastors, give this book to sleepy churchgoers who seem disinterested in what’s going on when God’s people gather.

Apr 15, 15

Sometimes we think special knowledge is needed when simple acts of love are the way to begin. – Welch

Apr 09, 15

A good assistant pastor is his senior pastor’s right-hand man, never his worshipper—a co-laborer, never a sycophant.

Feb 21, 15

Airport! via Instagram:

Feb 13, 15

New Post by Ronnie Floyd: Pastors, Lead

Feb 10, 15

What about the Crusades? @RevKevDeYoung examines the historical event most often used against Christianity.

Feb 09, 15

Yawn, gnome. via Instagram:

Feb 04, 15

Dirty lens article For any of you who get a lot of anxiety about babying your gear.

Jan 29, 15

One month from today, we’ll be at @SBTS helping pastors think about building their church on the gospel. #9MarksSBTS

Jan 27, 15

Now in stock: @HeladoNegro's 'Double Youth' on cassette:

Jan 25, 15

Adb, Fastboot to be installed on #ChromeOS by default -

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