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Dave Sharpe

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Jul 20, 16

“I believe praying is the most important thing we do on earth.” — @crossway

Jul 20, 16

#Fujifilm #XT2, Iceland, shooting monochrome and @jonasrask make the perfect recipe for some outstanding images

Jul 17, 16

Can All #Religions Be True? #Apologetics
Watch Here:

Jul 15, 16

Great preaching flows from seeing truth, savoring what we’ve seen, and sharing what’s affected us with others.

Jul 11, 16

Self-pity is our sinful, selfish response to something not going the way we think it should.

Jul 01, 16

Happy Friday!

We love this moody Summer shot by @sannalinn

Enjoy the day ahead!


Jun 29, 16

When pastors don’t know what to do, they typically freeze up and do nothing

Jun 29, 16

I just published “How to Fight Chronological Snobbery”

Jun 29, 16

I was a new Christian who didn’t know how to pray—but then I started listening to people pray at church.

Jun 27, 16

What does it mean that Christians have been born to a living hope? Ben Dunson explains in our July issue.

Jun 27, 16

So @vote_leave campaign deleted their website so you can't check what they claimed. Except you can, @internetarchive

Jun 24, 16

Our new Journal just released—The Church Praying. 19 articles on praying in the church!

Jun 24, 16

Following the vote to #leave the EU, @ChrisCartw joins call for Christians to unite: #Brexit

Jun 21, 16

Are you too Christian for non-Christians? Here are seven simple steps to telling more people about Jesus.

Jun 15, 16

Get started creating custom Bibles for your church or ministry today! Find out more:

Jun 10, 16

We can watch @dmsh_'s ordination online this Saturday. Watch it here at 2pm

Jun 10, 16

Another nice and slow morning hiking through Discovery Park. #travel #Seattle #Fuji #X70 #…

Jun 05, 16

Easy morning in #cartagena #colombia
#myfujifilm #fuji #x70 #fujifilm #passionpassport #t…

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