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Sep 19, 16

#NewTestament Selections: The Letter to the #Ephesians | Read by William Lane Craig
Listen Here:...

Sep 19, 16

“It is in fact the most normal thing in the common Christian life to pray together.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Sep 19, 16

More incredible than healings, tongues, and prophecies is the ordinary gift of God’s saving grace.

Aug 26, 16

Pastor of a new church? Surely you want to make some changes.

But before you do, pray a lot—and maybe watch this.

Aug 18, 16

Friends, First Five Years is over! The talks will be online shortly. In fact, you can already find some of them here

Aug 17, 16

We went rowing - #itwillbefineshesaid #imsteeringfineshesaid #marriagecounsellingneededshesaid…

Aug 17, 16

“Finally, my desire for health and wealth lost its sway. I desired Jesus.”

Such an encouraging story.

Aug 17, 16

'Home is where the heart is..' Beautiful capture by @griffinlamb

Have a fantastic day!

Aug 12, 16

4 ways to reach those church members who believe they’re converted but actually aren’t:

Aug 10, 16

Original Sin: the Zwinglian Alternative...

Aug 09, 16

Let's explore this. What are the primary sources for defining faith? What do they say?

Aug 09, 16

New @Williams_PeterS Podcast: 'Hebrews 11 & faith in the new atheism'

Aug 01, 16

Free R.C. Sproul MP3 Series: Dust to Glory #bible #theology

Jul 26, 16

The preacher is not called to reinvent the wheel. He is called to deliver the goods.

Jul 25, 16

Piper: “The way to thwart the devil is to strengthen the very thing he is trying most to destroy — your faith.”

Jul 20, 16

#Fujifilm #XT2, Iceland, shooting monochrome and @jonasrask make the perfect recipe for some outstanding images

Jul 20, 16

“I believe praying is the most important thing we do on earth.” — @crossway

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