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  • And there's even more drugs coming on the market. Starlix is expected in the  next few months, which will be advertised as a smart drug. It will work as long  as it needs to work, and then it will stop working. That's pretty amazing, I  think.

  • And we have coming within the next few months the very first insulin that  will provide a true, oh, very long-lasting dosage lasting about 24 hours. It's  an insulin called Lantus, which the third major insulin manufacturer in the  world is going to be introducing to the United States. Until now, all insulin in  the United States has been sold just by two companies: Lilly and Novo Nordisk.  

Oct 12, 09

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  • that would add a government-run health-insurance plan to the committee's  health-care legislation, but debate over whether to adopt a public plan isn't  expected to end at the committee.
  • Under Mr. Rockefeller's amendment, a government-run plan would inherit  Medicare's network of doctors and hospitals and pay them based on Medicare  payment rates for its first two years.
  • create a public health-insurance option

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  • 15 percent of Americans identify themselves as having no religious affiliation.  That number has almost doubled since 1990. And now a growing number of atheists  are forming their own congregations of sorts, with atheist and humanist  societies experiencing a surge in new membership.

  • In modern America, the alleged "victim" is always really the aggressor, and the  alleged "aggressor" is always the true victim.

  • “To the extent that my choice of words didn't illuminate but rather contributed  to more media frenzy, I think that was unfortunate.”

  • "we must build upon the historic consensus that has been forged and do the hard  work necessary to seize this unprecedented opportunity for the future of our  economy and the health of our families."
  • Five Democrats and all committee Republicans opposed the bill.

  • The idea of a "duty to die" has been making some headway in recent years  around the fringes of the left. It is perfectly consistent with the fundamental  notion of the left, that decisions should be transferred from ordinary citizens  to government elites.

  • Distracting the audience's attention is one of the ways magicians pull off some  of their tricks
  • One of those distractions has been to blame current high costs on scapegoats  whom the president can rein in. Talking about the high pay of the CEOs of  pharmaceutical companies is one of those distractions.

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