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Jun 26, 12

Waiting for A Tempting Trio: Twitter, YouTube & Diigo in the Classroom to begin. Resources here: #iste12 #iste2012

May 01, 12

This blog post outlines beautifully the growing digital divide between "connected" educators and educators who haven't tapped into social media. It's true that going to conferences is where I get to see all my "plugged in" friends.

Mar 24, 12

RT @digitalnative: 13 ways Twitter Improves Education #edtech #socialmedia

Mar 21, 12

Why Digital Citizenship Must Be Taught in Schools: #education #socilamedia #sm #Twitter #FB

Mar 14, 12

Using Twitter for English teaching: #engchat

Oct 05, 11

Students need to be aware of the digital footprint they are creating on social networks and how their use of social networks can impact them in a future job search.

Jun 19, 11

Menoo Rami, host of #engchat on Twitter, is profiled in this article about how teachers use Twitter to interact and learn.

Mar 06, 09

We just don't have a good gender-neutral pronoun in English -- one of my frustrations with the language.

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