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Dec 19, 10

Scannable bar codes may be just what you need to spark some student interest in your classroom - read on to learn how to use them to showcase your student work and give some life to your classroom's infographics.

Dec 11, 10

"This how-to guide is supposed to walk you through the steps to make your idea for an iPhone app a reality. This post presents various ideas, techniques, tips, and resources that may come in handy if you are planning on creating your first iPhone application."

Dec 04, 10

YouTube introduced a new feature that allows you to easily cue up your favorite viral video to just the spot. All you have to do is find the precise moment, pause the video, and then right click on it. A dialog box pops up offering you the option to "Copy video URL at current time." Click that and the link that goes to your clipboard will automatically cue up the video to the correct moment.

Nov 26, 10

Great tutorial handouts from Bucks County Community College.

Jun 18, 09

Write your name (and perhaps other things?) in Elvish. Good quick tutorial.

May 30, 09

Do you need to learn to type? Have children or students who do?

Jan 30, 09

My category feeds aren't working at I need to implement the suggestions in this tutorial later.

Jan 24, 09

Description of how to get your Diigo and Delicious to sync up. Maybe now I'll use Diigo more.

Oct 05, 08

Lee LeFever's Common Craft videos explain how to do a variety of things in very easy terms with clear examples.

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