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May 04, 14

{Read This}: Project Based Learning: Giving Up Control - [caption... #edchat #engchat #sschat #edtech #teachers

May 23, 13

US Copyright resources for teachers maintained by Dianne McKenzie.

Jul 25, 12

New from @moniqueflick: 10 Ideas for Teaching #Teachers Technology #edchat #edu

May 01, 12

This blog post outlines beautifully the growing digital divide between "connected" educators and educators who haven't tapped into social media. It's true that going to conferences is where I get to see all my "plugged in" friends.

Apr 09, 12

"In the past I have published a couple of guides to using Google Documents in the classroom. The problem with those guides is that they were made before the latest round of updates to Google Documents. Yesterday I sat down and built a new guide, Google Documents for Teachers. The 40 page guide (embedded below) is designed to help teachers who have never used Google Documents. This document is part of a larger project that I hope to complete this month. Please leave a comment if you have suggestions about how to improve this document."

Apr 03, 12

"Quickly and easily digitize student work and build the resource for authentic assessment in your classroom.

Unleash the power and the flexibility of digital tools, without sacrificing the important work your students do in non-digital formats.

Rescue student work from the bottom of backpacks, trashcans, and filing cabinets and have it at your fingertips. Easy, flexible, authentic--a simply wonderful tool for teaching and learning.

And best of all? It's free for teachers "

Oct 11, 10

Chris Lehmann describes 10 things he asks of SLA teachers that all teachers and administrators should ask of each other.

Jul 09, 10

Summer is a time when many of us are thinking about and planning professional development workshops for our schools and for other schools. I've always found that a short 3-5 minute video can be a good introduction to a PD sessions and or make for a nice thought-provoking break during a PD session. Here are seven videos that I think serve those purposes well.

Jul 09, 10

Ryan Goble, who often coaches teachers in what he calls the “mindful” use of technology, has written today’s guest post on user-friendly tools that enable the creation of student projects.

Jun 22, 10

"Educator's Professional Development is the largest online database of professional development conferences and workshops for educators and teachers from Early Learning to Grade 12. "

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