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Sep 04, 14

Potentially interesting tool that integrates with Google Apps for interactive lessons.

May 01, 12

The rich media presentation tool

Tell your story anyway you like. Add photos, music, video, and audio, and share it publicly or privately in an instant."

Mar 19, 12

I'm Sorry your Presentation Sucked. 21 Ways to Fix It. #edtech #edchat

Feb 24, 11

"Mash your ideas and media together with friends in a dynamic whiteboard wiki. Using photos, videos, and other web content you can instantly create brainstorms, presentations, scrapbooks, and enjoy an interactive chat with more than 50 friends."

Jun 29, 10

Michael Zimmer (of Ultimate Teacher’s Guide to Social Media fame) has just unveiled a handy guide for teachers, students, and pretty much anyone looking to deliver a tremendous presentation.

Jun 22, 10

"TextFlows offer an entirely new way to interact with the written word. We use motion and light to present text as an animated flow on a simple, uncluttered screen. Reading becomes easier, more effective, and fun; writing receives an added dimension of artistic expression."

Jun 22, 10

Olivia Mitchell presents templates for seven slide types that will get your audience's attention.

May 19, 10

Plagiarism presentation with tips on paraphrasing and discussion of structure, words, ideas.

May 16, 10

Using quotes from experts, leaders, and authors can be a powerful technique in presentation.

Mar 12, 09

Lorraine Orenchuk's great presentation about teaching and reflecting.

Oct 15, 08

Create interactive guided presentations by combining Web pages, photos, PowerPOint, and more with your voice, notes, and highlights.

May 09, 08

Students can win scholarships for memorizing and reciting poetry.

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