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Apr 10, 12

A good primer on copyright, plagiarism, digital literacy, and fair use.
Copyright, Plagiarism, and Digital Literacy #SIGMS #edtech

Sep 19, 11

"Essential to a student’s growth as a Web researcher is learning how to properly attribute the information used when composing reports. Use this guide for lesson plans and insight into how to teach students to avoid plagiarism in Web research and to find resources for understanding and detecting plagiarism."

Aug 02, 10

This New York Times article investigates attitudes toward plagiarism among today's students.

Jun 22, 10

"Our mission is to help people all over the world prevent plagiarism and restore integrity to written work."

May 19, 10

Plagiarism presentation with tips on paraphrasing and discussion of structure, words, ideas.

Apr 15, 09

Hotlist to help students learn about and to avoid plagiarism.

Dec 12, 08

Free plagiarism checker developed for a project at the University of Maryland.

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