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Mar 15, 16

Drama Shows Us a Way Out of Violence (or, how Aeschylus & Shakespeare show us a way beyond Trump)

Feb 25, 16

"The humanities interrogate us. They challenge our sense of who we are."

Feb 16, 16

Achilles is brutal, vain, pitiless – and a true hero

Feb 12, 16

Three cheers for Maxim contributing ed. @SteveHuff, the author of Saul Goodman's new book on avoiding jailtime
Congrats to @SteveHuff for writing an amazing book (w/the help of Saul Goodman, of course)! @BetterCallSaul @AMC_TV

Feb 08, 16

Letting students sink doesn’t teach them to swim

Feb 02, 16

25 Literary Pun Names For Your Cat via @nathanwpyle @buzzfeed

Jan 17, 16

A recap of our author visit with @garethhinds this week. @WorcesterAcdmy @WA_MiddleSchool @WAEnglish

Jan 11, 16

Aaaaaaaaah @The_Millions have published their 2016 Book Preview! NEW CURTIS SITTENFELD! & Annie Proulx! & & &!!!

Jan 08, 16

We have to break down the silo mentality of inside/outside dept; relevant/irrelevant curric.

Jan 08, 16

The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro – a subtle masterpiece about what is not said

Dec 30, 15

How Kwame Alexander Gets Teens Reading and Writing Poetry

Dec 22, 15

.@tanehisicoates and many others share their favorite poems.

Nov 25, 15

Congress prepares to launch a new era in education policy

Nov 06, 15

Presenting @MAscienceteach today with @PhysicsSmith on Kinematics with @scratch see our presentation here

Oct 31, 15

Attn Lord of the Rings fans: map of Middle-earth annotated by J.R.R. Tolkien discovered!

Oct 31, 15

Margaret Mead and James Baldwin on identity and race — spectacularly timely 45 years later

Oct 21, 15

@MassLiveWoo: WA faculty member Dave Baillie's book, 'What We Salvage,' about teen adversity

Oct 13, 15

You were mentioned in my new post: "The Joys of Collaboration..." @danamhuff @mattscully @TomGavin @MrTedP @IanHabs

Aug 12, 15

Check-In Talk via @Betsy_writes

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