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Oon of the moost sophisticatid pieces of tech evir developid yn al the ages of humanitye, a magnificent complex devyce: the storye.

Polyphemus and the Witch-Kinge of Angmar totallye bondinge ovir the 'no man' ruse.

@danamhuff @kyleloveslit Not usually. We get final papers instead. One prof. this year gave a midterm&a final, but we only had to take one.

@danamhuff Graduated in 2010 and I only remember taking one in a Shakespeare class. Everything else was a paper.
Dec 12, 14

Teach the American Dream? Here are the latest poll results

At the Folger TSI reunion w/ @danamhuff
Jun 14, 14

Comparison of Blogging Services for Teachers | @scoopit via @knolinfos

Jun 14, 14

From Lobster Kings to Love & Fury, 10 books for your beach bag (or the Cloud):

May 21, 14

Four Guidelines for Summer Reading | Kylene Beers

Oct 12, 14

From my terrific colleague, Dana: B is for Books - via @danamhuff

We teach kids TO annotate, but do we help them learn WHEN to annotate? This list is fr a S learning WHEN.
Mar 10, 14

Stanford research shows long-run benefit of English instruction

Mar 09, 14

Exploring the hero's journey with TED-Ed's What makes a hero?

Mar 09, 14

Help students to pick out killer quotations from the texts they are studying.

Mar 09, 14

Temple Grandin On Why The World Needs All Kinds Of Minds via @wgbhnews

Oct 12, 14

An example of why I love Twitter, for resources such as this: 200 Prompts for Argumentative Writing via @langwitches

Jan 27, 14

Evolving English Teacher: Richard Sherman is Not a "Thug" but Macbeth is One -

Feb 04, 14

Google Forms templates.

Oct 12, 14

Use Aurasma to Create Augmented Reality Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Activities via Free Technology ...

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