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Aug 12, 15

Check-In Talk via @Betsy_writes

Aug 08, 15

Invite students to write about a book that made a difference in their lives. Great mentor texts in the Guardian

Jul 23, 15

@ShiftParadigm @TeacherTechnol @kmcasey6 @MrMorone @english_maven @theobviouschild @danamhuff @EnglishHOD followed!
Jul 07, 15

The Forgotten Man Behind William Carlos Williams's 'Red Wheelbarrow'

Find of the morning: Google Drive iOS app now supports MP3 export to iMovie. Create a folder & populate w/ music for SS to use. (Part 1)
Jul 08, 15

Flannery O'Connor on dogma and the difference between religion and faith - beautiful read

What an amazing group of writers & educators at the @kenyonreview writing workshop for teachers! It's been a blast!

"There's only one reason to write: to do the writing." - David Lynn of @kenyonreview. Great publishing discussion at writers' workshop!
Jul 06, 15

Grace Paley's advice to aspiring writers-wisdom for all artists and, really, all human beings

Jul 06, 15

Plato's allegory of the cave-the greatest parable exploring the nature of reality-animated:

Jul 06, 15

The most beautiful rejection letter ever, helping young Thoreau improve his writing & his soul

The Revolution Has Been Digitized: The Oldest Archive Of Radical Posters @AllisonCMeier

First draft of a story is for the writer; final draft of a story is for the reader.

@WmSamBradford @danamhuff she's a sharp girl!

My old pal @danamhuff both tearing it up and citing her sources. Kenyon teacher writer conference.
Jun 27, 15

55 Thoughts for English Teachers:

my new favorite thing is author's book/character playlists on @Spotify loving Gallowglass by @DebHarkness and Maps by @beckycloonan !
Jun 10, 15

Best Questions for Writing Conferences via @empathicteacher

Jun 10, 15

10 effective ways to give feedback

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