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31 Mar 12

"A simple way to place useful, formative classroom lessons over any Web page. "

19 Sep 11

"Essential to a student’s growth as a Web researcher is learning how to properly attribute the information used when composing reports. Use this guide for lesson plans and insight into how to teach students to avoid plagiarism in Web research and to find resources for understanding and detecting plagiarism."

11 Sep 11

This exhibition looks at the world from which Mary Shelley came, at how popular culture has embraced the Frankenstein story, and at how Shelley's creation continues to illuminate the blurred, uncertain boundaries of what we consider "acceptable" science.

22 Jan 11

Great lesson plan to coordinate Tu B'Shevat, Arbor Day, environmentalism, and American poetry. Kudos, Kathleen Harsy.

02 Sep 09

Good unit plan on Homer's Iliad done by a student teacher for a portfolio. Some good handouts and questions.

29 Nov 08

A guide for teachers to find technology-based, constructivist lesson plans and activity ideas.

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