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Jun 28, 14

New app lets you mirror your iPhone or iPad's display on any computer #ipaded #edapp

Jul 08, 13

“@Edudemic: The Secret To Successfully Using iPads In Education” from @gregkulowiec #ettipad #ipaded #1to1techat

Jun 23, 13

200+ iPad PD Resources #ipaded #ipadedu #ettipad #slide2learn #iste13

Nov 26, 11

Looking to create flashcards with your @evernote account? Try Study Blue in "tools" tab - Evernote for Educators
Here are some great binders on Digital Citizenship:
Updated my iPad/ Resources & Lessons Livebinder w/5 more FREE apps Wking on subject matter FREE apps #ipaded #edchat
Great binder of free webinars for PD put together by @pgeorge #pd #professionaldevelopment #edchat
Just found the motherlode on curricular uses of iPads thx @fisher1000
All About Copyright And Creative Commons-A Livebinder For Educators:
Ready to learn a new tech tool? One of these binders may help you get started:
@macsmum1 Wanted to share my livebinder - Apps for kids with Autism.
Awesome QR Code Livebinder from @corderj and @joangore! Great ideas ladies! Thank You! #iPlza13

May 23, 13

Can These iPad Apps Teach Your Kid to Code #ORedu #edchat #ipaded #code

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