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Apr 14, 12

This democratization of storytelling is engaging our kids at new levels. But it also means that everyone is a storyteller. And when everyone is a storyteller, our cultural narrative begins to shift from a sweeping epic hero’s journey to “here’s me @ the zoo.”

Nov 13, 11

Great introduction to the Hero's Journey.

Nov 13, 11

Great introduction to the Hero's Journey using The Matrix.

Jul 05, 10

"This page summarizes the brief explanations from every step of the Hero's Journey. "

May 03, 10

Resources for teaching mythology, including Reader's Theater approach and Webquests.

Oct 08, 09

Tom shares several links and describes how he'd use them; they would work well in my Hero with a Thousand Faces class.

Sep 02, 09

Good unit plan on Homer's Iliad done by a student teacher for a portfolio. Some good handouts and questions.

Aug 29, 08

Students learn about the epic poem form and to its roots in oral tradition. They study the epic hero cycle and will learn how to recognize this pattern of events and elements in both ancient and modern texts, including Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, an

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