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Jun 16, 11

This case could be the one that clarifies what is considered fair use for educational purposes.

Jun 26, 10

The Copyright Advisory Office of Columbia University addresses issues of fair use, copyright ownership, and publishing arrangements in furtherance of higher education and the advancement of knowledge; provides copyright information and education resources for the university community; supports innovative policies, practices, and contracts to foster the creation, preservation, and accessibility of information resources; and undertakes research and exploration of copyright issues to provide original understandings of the law and its importance.

Apr 15, 09

Hotlist to help students learn about and to avoid plagiarism.

Nov 02, 08

Handy guide for information about copyright and fair use.

Nov 02, 08

Comprehensive site for information about copyright and fair use.

Nov 02, 08

Regents system of Georgia's guide for copyright and fair use.

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