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Nov 27, 12

You can build a Collaborize site for lessons, but this is also a good repository for ideas for Socratic seminars and class discussions.

Mar 24, 12

My Socratic seminar page: #edcampss

Dec 20, 10

"I just heard a great idea for a year-end book group meeting. Book Swap.

Encourage everyone to come to the next discussion with a favorite book they are willing to part with. Readers do book talks, giving a summary of the plot and characters, and then ask them to talk about the most appealing aspects of the book and compare it to something else.

How to fairly distribute? After the book talks, put all the books on the table in the middle, have attendees pull numbers out of a hat and choose in order. Or hearken back to your elementary school days, put all the books in a big, colorful bag, and have each person pull one out without looking. Book Grab Bag."

Mar 02, 10

A great collection of links on discussion activities for the English classroom.

Sep 28, 09

Handout based on a technique called Accountable Talk to teach students how to interact with one another in class.

Jun 14, 09

Good list of Socratic questions. Could be adapted for any use in the classroom or even book club discussions.

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