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Dec 10, 11

This blog post would be fun to turn into a writing assignment: Have minor characters in a novel your students are studying discuss the other minor characters in the manner of Mr. Palmer.

Oct 25, 11

The website for Jane Austen's House Museum has information about Chawton House and Jane Austen, and it includes supporting materials for teachers.

Jan 29, 11

"Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet on Facebook? With social networking the hot topic of the day, a computer science grad student, his advisor and a literature professor teamed up to analyze social interactions in 19th century British novels."

Oct 25, 10

This book reviews Jane Austen sequels, fan fiction, and paraliterature.

Aug 18, 10

" offers sensible advice culled from Jane Austen's letters and novels, including Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma. While this site doesn't proport to offer more than entertainment, often times Miss Austen's advice is remarkably appropriate for the situation at hand — whether these concerns be love relationships, friendship repair, or of a sensitive financial nature. After all, human nature hasn't changed much in several centuries."

Jun 05, 10

"Jane Austen’s fiction manuscripts are the first significant body of holograph evidence surviving for any British novelist. They represent every stage of her writing career and a variety of physical states: working drafts, fair copies, and handwritten publications for private circulation. The manuscripts were held in a single collection until 1845, when at her sister Cassandra’s death they were dispersed among family members, with a second major dispersal, to public institutions and private collections, in the 1920s.1 Digitization enables their virtual reunification and will provides scholars with the first opportunity to make simultaneous ocular comparison of their different physical and conceptual states; it will facilitate intimate and systematic study of Austen’s working practices across her career, a remarkably neglected area of scholarship within the huge, world-wide Austen critical industry.

Many of the Austen manuscripts are frail; open and sustained access has long been impossible for conservation and location reasons. Digitization at this stage in their lives not only offers the opportunity for the virtual reunification of a key manuscript resource, it will also be accompanied by a record in as complete a form as possible of the conservation history and current material state of these manuscripts to assist their future conservation."

Jan 19, 10

The Divine Jane is a short documentary film specially commissioned for the exhibition A Woman's Wit: Jane Austen's Life and Legacy. It examines the influence of Austen's fiction—and her enduring fame— through interviews with leading writers, scholars, and actors.

Aug 04, 09

Jane Austen's novels, one chapter at a time, via podcast.

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