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04 Sep 13

Chicago Shakespeare Theater has printable handbooks for many of Shakespeare's plays. "Each of our entirely original teacher handbooks includes active, engaging teaching activities, 400 years of critical thinking, synopses, and much more. Teaching activities—all aligned with the Common Core State Standards—are designed to draw upon some of the same practices and techniques that actors use in the rehearsal process to break open Shakespeare's challenging language."

04 Aug 13

All of Shakespeare's sonnets with descriptive commentary. Also sonnets by Spenser, Sidney, Drayton, Wyatt, and others

03 Jul 12

My favorite part of Shakespeare's Sonnets for iPad? It's not one thing. All the scholars/readers disagree about it.

24 Apr 12

Why Shakespeare? via Charlie Rose show discussion of Macbeth and King Lear #engchat

14 Mar 12

March madness for Shakespeareans. Is #1seed Henry V ready for #4 Rosalind's wit?

23 Feb 12

Teaching Artists from some of the world’s most respected Shakespeare Theatres shared active and playful approaches to enliven the teaching of Shakespeare. The weekend was presented by the UC Davis School of Education and the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts at UC Davis in association with Globe Education (Shakespeare’s Globe, London) and the Shakespeare Theatre Association.

05 Oct 11

What happens when we rely on translations instead of Shakespeare's language? I completely agree with this article.

30 Sep 11

A blog about everyday life in Shakespeare's era.

22 Jul 11

Listening to Civil War Voices. The influence of #Shakespeare is seen in speeches & letters home from 150 years ago.

10 Jul 11

Rafe Esquith's elementary school students embody best practices for Shakespeare.

27 Apr 11

Robbing the Bard: The story of how a stolen Shakespeare First Folio appeared in the Folger Shakespeare Library. Scroll down to the playlist "Stealing..." Narrated by David Tennant.

20 Apr 11

This article on the blog Better Living Through Beowulf might be an interesting way to connect King Lear to modern politics.

18 Jan 11

"This web site is for the intelligent nonspecialist who doesn't know what to make of these challenges to Shakespeare's authorship. Oxfordian books can be deceptively convincing to a reader who is unaware of the relevant historical background and unused to the rhetorical tricks used by Oxfordians. Our aim is to provide context where needed, expose misinformation passed off by Oxfordians as fact, and in general show the nonspecialist reader why professional Shakespeare scholars have so little regard for Oxfordian claims. "

18 Jan 11

If you've ever taught Shakespeare, you've probably been asked about authorship. Here's a good resource to answer some questions.

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