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15 Apr 14

Eight Must Read Young Adult Books: #engchat #mschat #studentvoice

13 Apr 14

From my terrific colleague, Dana: B is for Books - via @danamhuff

04 Apr 14

Writer's Workshop: Coming to Terms with the P-Word #elachat #engchat

26 Mar 14

Google Drive has enabled Google Add Ons and there are some that you and your students will want to enable right away. Others may appeal more to professional developers or those who work remotely .

19 Mar 14

Tools and advice for integrating art through inquiry-based discussion and activities.

10 Mar 14

Stanford research shows long-run benefit of English instruction

We teach kids TO annotate, but do we help them learn WHEN to annotate? This list is fr a S learning WHEN.
09 Mar 14

Exploring the hero's journey with TED-Ed's What makes a hero?

09 Mar 14

Help students to pick out killer quotations from the texts they are studying.

09 Mar 14

Temple Grandin On Why The World Needs All Kinds Of Minds via @wgbhnews

09 Mar 14

Teaching the Holocaust? Help students understand how "they" could let this happen #holocaust #history #ela

#LFL2014 "Fear of the unknown is what is holding us back." We have to take risks in order for our students to take risks. @mrhooker

WA faculty Dana Huff, Cathy Fox and Sarah Getchell advocate blending technology & student voice #lfl14 #WAInnovates

"If you are not teaching digital citizenship in this day and age, you are not teaching citizenship." @patrickmlarkin #lfl2014 #psd70

MASSCue: Teachers and technology -- game changers and transformative influences in student lives #lfl14
01 Mar 14

Lessig wins damages for bogus Youtube takedown #copyright

26 Feb 14

Student blogging: creating a rubric. Some of my favorite examples: #engchat #aplitchat

05 Feb 14

An example of why I love Twitter, for resources such as this: 200 Prompts for Argumentative Writing via @langwitches

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