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about 8 hours ago

You were mentioned in my new post: "The Joys of Collaboration..." @danamhuff @mattscully @TomGavin @MrTedP @IanHabs

#oesis Gamification of Macbeth notes - I want to both teach & take this course. #pdschargers

Student Collaborative Quizzes! Great 4 SS motivation, accountability. Here's how it works: #OESIS #sstlap #edchat

#oesis notes responsive classroom -developing foundational skills necessary 4 success in blended space. #pdschargers

#oesis notes from ignite session Friday morning - intriguing ideas & intro to amazing tools. #pdschargers c
Oct 09, 15

Arlene Russell: Calibrated Peer Review - #oesis

Oct 09, 15

Cambridge School: incredible resource 4 digital storytelling stills fr Rob Woodcox photos of foster children: #oesis

Writing=thinking. Collaborative peer review. Arlene Russell, UCLA #oesis

Can you hear me now? 3 ways to integrate audio into a Google Document. #gafe #ettgoogle #chromebook

#oesis notes from Reading Groups 2.0 by @amorsciendi & @paul_emerich from @altschool #pdschargers Great stuff
Oct 08, 15 Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World First chapters essential reading #Oesis

Sep 27, 15

Another academic shares his presentation materials to the web before his talk begins: Bravo!

Sep 27, 15

This morning's presentation on using #digitalstorytelling to teach America lit is all on the web:

Aug 19, 15

Top story: @sylviaduckworth: 'New #sketchnote: 10 Growth Mindset Statements via…, see more
Top story: @langwitches: 'Updated visual for KWHLAQ chart @PaulSolarz @whatedsa…, see more
"@danamhuff: RT @TonySinanis: Ready for the NO WORKSHEET WEEK CHALLENGE starting"

Aug 12, 15

Check-In Talk via @Betsy_writes

Aug 08, 15

Invite students to write about a book that made a difference in their lives. Great mentor texts in the Guardian

Jul 29, 15

Conrad’s famous novella is based on a real journey the author took up the Congo in 1890, during King Leopold II of Belgium’s horrific rule. It is a fantastic, imaginative journey to find a man named Kurtz who has lost his mind in the African jungle. It is a journey into inner space; a metaphorical investigation into the turbid waters of the human soul. It is a political journey into the dark heart of European colonialism. It is a nightmare journey, into horror. It is a journey to nowhere, set on a boat lying motionless and at anchor on the river Thames, which also “has been one of the dark places on the earth”.

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