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Dai Barnes

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Apr 23, 15

The artist bringing Ada Lovelace back to life - BBC News - we should get a copy of this @OundleComputing

Apr 22, 15

@Os190 I can.

Apr 21, 15

@ITedugeekgirl can we do something like this?

Apr 21, 15

The history of video games since 1951. A whistle-stop video. Without a whistle. gamecity

Apr 21, 15

Cables are run a little differently gamecity - not quite the same as @oundleschool

Apr 20, 15

Why @dajbelshaw left teaching:

Apr 18, 15

Three 2015 winning #aeropress recipes, if you like your coffee made in a big syringe. Which I do.

Apr 17, 15

@thingsbehindsun Nice post Ben. Do you intend to copy it onto Inspiration for others?

Apr 17, 15

RT @thingsbehindsun: Here's my first for @oundleschool 's new staff blog: @TheEchoChamber2 @daibarnes

Apr 15, 15

If you're interested in creating a podcast, no better place to start than here.

Apr 11, 15

MT: "@independenthead: Independent Schools take the lead in equipping girls re body image @youngbodyimage"

Apr 11, 15

A very nice review of my book The Monsters of Education Technology by @WillyB
– Audrey Watters (audreywatters)

Apr 10, 15

The sun shines on the righteous? Or something like awesome day so far!
– Philip Pitcher (Pitchyp1991)

Apr 10, 15

Teach meet!
– Philip Pitcher (Pitchyp1991)

Apr 10, 15

When England (Brighton to be precise) can deliver sunsets like this, it is truly a privilege to be alive.
– Paul Shillito (CuriousPSh)

Apr 10, 15

Match peg gun. Now that's what to do with your school holidays. eddie_bann is the young man that made…

Apr 10, 15 via @telegraph #telegraphandroid @daibarnes
– Oundle Trivium (oundletriv)

Apr 09, 15

What to do when your #PhD looms large? Procrastinate in polish - paint your nails!

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