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22 Apr 14

"@TLABerkhamsted: videos from #TLAB14 are now available online. Hear what @daibarnes had to say about the day:"

19 Apr 14

Marking Maths C1 AS Level paper for my daughters revision over morning coffee in the sunshine with…

16 Apr 14

@markboustead @XeroShoes @XeroShoesUK plenty of ideas to choose from.

16 Apr 14

@markboustead I used to like leather boots & shoes. My feet paid the price. Now all are @VIVOBAREFOOT or @XeroShoes

16 Apr 14

Why I Ditched My Running Shoes via @HuffPoLifestyle <-- nice - someone finding #barefootrunning a surprising pleasure

15 Apr 14

@VIVOBAREFOOT will this do? #trailfreak

14 Apr 14

RT @IanYorston: Three Tools for Teaching Interactive #Python - #Coding

10 Apr 14

RT @digitalmaverick: If you are a teacher who uses Google Mail & Apps with your students, get watching @aral's RSA talk live right now http…

09 Apr 14

RT @feynlabs: A comprehensive list of Free Programming Books for just about any programming topic you can think of -

08 Apr 14

"@TheRegister: Google woos enterprise developers with 'Glass at Work' program" <-- oh deary me, will they not learn?

08 Apr 14

My glasses bust. How the hell am I supposed to screw these four items together?

06 Apr 14 This is one of my L6 students - very well done to him.

04 Apr 14

The Moves app thinks I went to work at six AM - I assure you that didn't happen.

29 Mar 14

Busy helping my partner write her book (graphics editing on my part) in possibly the best computing…

27 Mar 14

St Benedict's Day 2014 - school selfies for Charity Day 22nd March: via @stbenedicts

27 Mar 14

RT @stbenedicts: @BBCSchoolReport Upper 4th BBC School Reporters hard at work planning the day's news broadcast. Tune in at 2pm…

27 Mar 14

RT @stbenedicts: Upper 4th BBC School reporters have been working hard in preparation for News Day. Broadcast at 2pm. @BBCSchoolReport http…

27 Mar 14

Busy sorting our blue screen chroma key wall. Not bad for £20. @stbenedicts

26 Mar 14

Loving this photoshop splicing of relatives. Not sure how shopped it is but might make interesting lesson.

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