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Jul 02, 15

RT @LDaviesEvitt: Lumina, camera, agite! #@oundleclassics Latin play

Jul 02, 15

@russeltarr Ep16: I.P. Freely by TIDE Podcast. 24 mins in @dajbelshaw and I discuss your conf. #cheekytweet

Jul 01, 15

I've just signed up to donate my organs should the occasion arise. Not sure how many of them will be useful

Jul 01, 15

#TIDE Today In Digital Education podcast is now available on Facebook if that is your preferred method of listening:

Jul 01, 15

Today in Digital Education Ep16 now available - - 'IP Freely' is @dajbelshaw & me discussing #EdTech & other things

Jun 30, 15 Insightful article on #GoogleFilter from the BBC. @ewanmcintosh your brother I presume?

Jun 30, 15 @BryanMMathers Morning Bryan. @dajbelshaw was talking about your visual work. A pupil made this. Of interest?

Jun 30, 15

Morning coffee. #thecedars

Jun 27, 15

@daibarnes Spookily, I had been thinking only this morning that it's about time the three sages collided again.
– Paul Shillito (CuriousPSh)

Jun 26, 15

Social Media and Me, a website created to help pupils get out of trouble or find out more. Advice wanted.
I have been working with a colleague to create a social media website that aims to provide succinct advice to our pupils about the use of social networks, and what to do to get out of trouble. The site goes live in September and will form part ...
RT: *New post* Social Media and Me, a website to help pupils with social media issues:

Jun 25, 15

Oh @daibarnes & @dajbelshaw, you can't imagine the excited scenes in the car when mentioned in #TIDE ep15 !
Oh @daibarnes & @dajbelshaw, you can't imagine the excited scenes in the car when mentioned in #TIDE ep15 !
– Alan O'Donohoe (teknoteacher)

Jun 25, 15

RT @JNealeUK: An Unstoppable Digital Revolution is Around the Corner << @MichaelFullan1 in his opening keynote at #CoSN15…

Jun 25, 15

Reflections from @oundlegeog about #EducationFest - evidence based teaching. @C_Hendrick gets a mention.

Jun 25, 15

Lovely comment from pros. parent of @oundleschool on #AcademicChat blog; very complimentary about @LDaviesEvitt

Jun 25, 15

RT @KSWDirecStudies: All #edtech folk should subscribe to TIDE podcast with @dajbelshaw and @daibarnes.…
All #edtech folk should subscribe to TIDE podcast with @dajbelshaw and @daibarnes.
– Russ Baum (KSWDirecStudies)
RT @dajbelshaw: Does the thought of listening to @daibarnes & me witter on about #edtech for an hour fill you with joy? Then try...

RT @dajbelshaw: Just recorded epic episode of #TIDE podcast with @daibarnes entitled 'Backchannels of the Mind'. Available Tuesday: http://…
What's the appropriate fanboy response to a mention in a podcast, @daibarnes? Squee? Caught up with :-)
– Ian Harcombe (MrHarcombe)

Jun 24, 15

Treat yourself to this beautiful song written & performed by my beautiful stepson, Isaac Gracie,

Jun 23, 15

RT @dajbelshaw: #TIDE Episode 15 'Gizoogle ya Data' is now available!


Jun 23, 15

Teachers Using Trello: How To Foster Genius In The Classroom @dajbelshaw is this what we discussed on #TIDEpodcast

Jun 22, 15

I come to bury Google, not to praise them
Outside the Mandarin Centre
Here are the slides from my talk earlier this week. At the beginning of the talk, I shared a blank Google presentation with my Year 10 class back in Oundle. They worked on the ...
Thank @daibarnes for sharing your Google experience
– Keith Brown (KeithBrown1969)

Jun 21, 15 @thingsbehindsun Enjoy....
– Lily Davies-Evitt (LDaviesEvitt)

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