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Kristina Häusler

Kristina Häusler's Public Library

  • 11.15 – 12.30 Uhr


    Vortrag: Innovation Planning.


    Welche Bedeutung hat Kommunikation noch für Unternehmen? Wie wichtig sind Innovationen für sie? Wie wird aus einem Markenversprechen echtes Markenverhalten? Und welche Funktion kommt dem Planner dabei zu?
     Referent: Holger Schneider, Syzygy

  • Der Begriff "Suchvolumen" bezieht sich auf die Suchanfragen der Nutzer in einer Suchmaschine zu einem bestimmten Keyword, wobei man meist von der Google Suchmaschine ausgeht. Die Häufigkeit, mit der ein Begriff beispielsweise pro Monat in das

  • We've seen enormous advances, as leaders are using an explosion of data to transform their enterprises and institutions through analytics, mobile technology, social business and the cloud.


29 Jan 14

"full control of the value chain
full control of the retail experience
highly selective distribution
one-to-one relationship with clients at retail level
high level of personalized services
high level of craftsmanship
exceptional level of quality
no licenses
no super-sales, no promotions
developing brand awareness well beyond the core target
always increasing average prices
strong involvement with arts
beware of celebrities"

in list: Advertising

  • techniques. We conducted 2 focus groups, both catered to different groups of people, as we wanted to understand the motivations behind both these groups. One comprised of people who, although they knew about Dolce Gusto, has chosen not to adopt the brand. The other group simply have never heard of the brand. Our rationale for interviewing this group as well was to determine if they were willing to take up Dolce Gusto upon hearing its merits. In our in-depth interview, we followed up with those we conducted our observatory studies on. In doing so, we had a clearer idea of their consumption patterns and had first-hand observations of their interactions with Dolce Gusto, allowing us to determine the role the brand plays in their lives.
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