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Jeff Crews

Jeff Crews's Public Library

Jan 07, 16

Double Robotics unveils a faster telepresence robot with an attachable camera (@thekenyeung)

Jan 07, 16

.@zSpace Browser enables rich, dynamically-generated #3D and #VR content

Jan 07, 16

Today, we introduced Double 2. We can't wait for you to meet the next generation of @DoubleRobotics. #HelloDouble2

Jan 03, 16

A Reading Comprehension Tool To Simplify Text -

Dec 18, 15

Thanks for the retweets this week @crewsertech @SschneiderSteve @SouthCounselors much appreciated! (insight by

Dec 18, 15

Virtual reality—in the classroom!?? Come play and explore with @crewsertech & @DeanPhillipsMT at #ipdx16! #edtech

Dec 15, 15

3D printing taken to the next level! Thanks @crewsertech for the share! @jrochelle

Dec 09, 15

My stdnts hve nvr bn so ENGAGED @Morgan_Elem progrmng BB 8 Star Wars The Force Awakens 4 #hourofcode #NCDLCN #wsfcs

Dec 07, 15

@crewsertech Just got this @RicohThetaS and it's pretty awesome! The picture quality is gr8!

Nov 30, 15

Come build, code, and tackle a project-based STEM lesson at @DeanPhillipsMT & @crewsertech's #ipdx16 workshop!

Oct 25, 15

Call for proposals for #NCTIES16 closes Nov. 1. Get your ideas submitted #WSFCS.@NCTIES

Oct 23, 15

New technology could help you get rid of reading glasses via @KDVR @crewsertech

Oct 20, 15

Robots + drones + lesson plans delivered to ur classroom! Free STEAMpunk Mobile Lab @cueinc

Oct 19, 15

I made a 17 page guide detailing what Google Marketplace Apps you need to know about.

Oct 15, 15

this is our page
Great session at #NCCE2014 Crime Scene Investigation with @crewsertech and @caddiscaster. Great job guys.
@crewsertech @DeanPhillipsMT Chromebooks in the classroom.
@crewsertech & @DeanPhillipsMT transforming how we think about teaching & learning. #ncdlcn

Oct 15, 15

Excited to be working with the Friday Institute and the #ncdlcn cohort.

Sep 04, 15

How and why study history? Simulation inspired by @crewsertech @DeanPhillipsMT meet @SHEG_Stanford materials #sschat

Aug 31, 15

Thanks @crewsertech. Can't wait to show my kids! Kid gets so excited his Rube Goldberg monster trap works @deafgeoff

Aug 21, 15

KaBOOM! New #grants to apply for from @target, @YouthService, @Elmers, @Lowes, & more:

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