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Jeff Crews

Jeff Crews's Public Library

May 15, 16

I shared the power of Destination Imagination at my #CueRockstar session & now my team is heading to Global Finals!

May 04, 16

It is honor to be part of Best Keynote with so many passionate and inspiring educators!

Apr 29, 16

2 more on my #eduhero list: @crewsertech @DeanPhillipsMT our #podstock16 keynotes! #iledchat #paedchat #moedchat

Apr 24, 16

How to eliminate worksheets forever and build a fun community of learners #HackLearning

Apr 23, 16

Why Virtual Reality Is So Important #education

Apr 13, 16

MCPS Google Fest is happening Saturday 4/30 at Sentinel High School. Register now Free Google Cardboard!

Apr 12, 16

Animal Migrations in Yellowstone National Park: National Geographic recently published a great video containin...

Apr 05, 16

A9: At NDATL we were introduced to the site by @DeanPhillipsMT @crewsertech #gfedchat

Apr 04, 16

@crewsertech ... *SD 2/2

Apr 02, 16

this is our page
Great session at #NCCE2014 Crime Scene Investigation with @crewsertech and @caddiscaster. Great job guys.
@crewsertech @DeanPhillipsMT Chromebooks in the classroom.
@crewsertech & @DeanPhillipsMT transforming how we think about teaching & learning. #ncdlcn
Thought that #ndlibchat would like these guys! @DeanPhillipsMT @crewsertech &

Mar 21, 16

Happening on 4/1 at #NDATL - “Transforming Educational Practices” @DeanPhillipsMT @crewsertech Be sure to register:
“Learning Through Collaboration and Reflection” only at #ndatl @DeanPhillipsMT @crewsertech

Mar 21, 16

What would happen if the roles were flipped and students asked the questions?

Mar 18, 16

Adding pins, pictures and video takes the map activity from Substitution to Augmentation. #jusdshares #cue16

Mar 16, 16 Riding switch reminded me of your backwards bike! @DeanPhillipsMT @crewsertech

Mar 08, 16

I absolutely LOVE this @SpheroEdu! Perhaps we can have a #spheroparade or decor contest! This is inspirational! Wow!

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