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Jeff Crews

Jeff Crews's Public Library

Apr 10, 15

Join us for #GoogleEduOnAir, a free online conference & learn with other educators

Apr 09, 15

Great GIS project preso for MSL Commission from ChesterJoplinInverness Students @crewsertech

Apr 01, 15

Amazing Google tool for quick diagnosis of ailments & it's incredibly accurate! Try it out!

Mar 21, 15

this is our page
Great session at #NCCE2014 Crime Scene Investigation with @crewsertech and @caddiscaster. Great job guys.
@crewsertech @DeanPhillipsMT Chromebooks in the classroom.

Mar 18, 15

Arrival at #ipdx for #NCCE15. We are ready. With @crewsertech

Mar 13, 15

Prodigy Math Game: Game-Based Learning for the Common Core: March 12, 2015
By: Richie Saltzman

Game-based lea...

Mar 04, 15

It's just around the corner #NCTIES so excited to see @TechNinjaTodd @wfryer @rmbyrne @crewsertech @DeanPhillipsMT

Feb 25, 15

Have to sign off to put kids in bed. Sign up now for Google Fest -Msla Style

Feb 25, 15

RT @CarterTroy: How many bills in #mtleg are written by outside groups using boilerplate? about one third #MTedchat

Jan 08, 15

A Very Good Visual on Inspirational Leaders: January 6, 2015
Leadership comes with hard work but successful le...

Jan 08, 15

5 Great Google Plus Communities for Teachers and Educators: January 7, 2015
Google Plus is a powerful social n...

Jan 08, 15

Excellent Science Apps to Use on Chromebooks: January 6, 2015
Chromebook Classroom Livebinder is a very good p...

Jan 08, 15

3 TED Talks to Unleash Your Creativity: January 4, 2015
Looking for some inspirational  ideas to unleash your ...

Jan 08, 15

eSchool News Traveling ‘Fab Lab’ Maker RV delivers tech tools: Caitlin Fox carefully traces the letters "Y" an...

Jan 08, 15

Teachers Easy Guide to Creating Quiz Shows on Google Drive: January 3, 2015
Flippity is a powerful web tool th...

Dec 23, 14

You Can Now Create Educational Games for Students on Android: December, 2014
The popular iPad game developer a...

Dec 22, 14

3 Good Apps to Easily Edit Videos on Chromebooks: December, 2014
Below are some useful apps for creating and e...

Dec 02, 14

These 21 Google Hacks Will Blow Your Mind. #14 Made My Day. - Scout | @scoopit

Nov 25, 14

Alltime10s + Google Earth = geography heaven! #geographyteacher #sschat #GE

Nov 24, 14

Insightful Tips on How to Integrate Problem Based Learning in Your Classroom: November 23, 2014
Project based ...

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